Jeong Eun Ji, Lee Jung Eun, And Choi Jin Hyuk Dish On Their Chemistry,

The stars of the drama “Miss Night and Day” Jeong Eun Ji, Lee Jung Eun, and Choi Jin Hyuk have teamed up with Singles Korea for a special pictorial and an interview!

“Miss Night and Day” is a romantic comedy starring Apink’s Jeong Eun Ji as young job seeker Lee Mi Jin, who suddenly finds herself trapped in the body of a 50-year-old woman Im Soon (Lee Jung Eun), and Choi Jin Hyuk as skilled prosecutor Gye Ji Woong, who becomes entangled with her.

The trio showcased their close chemistry during the photo shoot, clearly reflecting their six months of filming together up to that point.

In an interview that followed the photo shoot, when asked whether they looked out for viewers’ reception of the drama, Jeong Eun Ji answered, “Lee Jung Eun is always the first to catch wind of viewer feedback and shares it in our group chat.” She added, “I feel grateful that she keeps talking about the drama despite being the busiest among us due to filming [for another project] in the countryside.”

Regarding what drew them to the series, Jeong Eun Ji explained, “I was excited to learn that Lee Jung Eun would be acting alongside me. Having seen her in many of my favorite dramas and movies, I looked forward to working and learning a lot from her on set.”

While Lee Jung Eun highlighted the storyline as a major attraction for her, she also stated, “I expected the casting of Lee Mi Jin, a parallel character to Im Soon, would significantly influence my character’s development, so I was excited when Jeong Eun Ji and Choi Jin Hyuk joined the cast.”

Choi Jin Hyuk shared his perspective, saying, “These days I try to shy away from overly serious dramas.” He added, “The comedic elements of this drama caught my interest, and I have faith in the director as well.”

Discussing their character portrayals, Lee Jung Eun reflected, “Initially, playing a character in her twenties seemed the most challenging, but that thought changed as I started filming. Capturing the emotions of Lee Mi Jin, who spent eight years preparing for a civil service exam while sacrificing her twenties, was more significant than her age itself.”

She added, “I also focused on depicting the emotional contrast between her daytime energy and nighttime melancholy.” Jeong Eun Ji further agreed, emphasizing, “The character’s nighttime emotions are shaped by her daytime experience, so it was crucial to convey how the daytime’s uplifting emotions transition into nighttime.”

Regarding the similarities between themselves and their characters, Jeong Eun Ji observed, “Considering Mi Jin’s timid nature, our personalities differ greatly in the early part of the series. As she gains courage in the latter part, we grow more alike.”

Lee Jung Eun identified her character’s youthful mindset as a personal connection but noted physical stamina as a difference. Choi Jin Hyuk also remarked, “Since I feel there is much I lack, I draw from my inner self and blend those traits with my character rather than inventing something entirely new.”

The full pictorial and interview will be available in the magazine’s July issue!

In the meantime, watch Jeong Eun Ji in “Reply 1997”:

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And watch Choi Jin Hyuk in “Mr. Queen” below:

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