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Whoever decided on the name “My Sweet Mobster” understood the true essence of its main leads because this drama is getting more and more appealing every week. Despite the awkward way Seo Ji Hwan (Um Tae Goo) and Go Eun Ha (Han Sun Hwa) met (with her prejudices against mobsters and his conflicted past), Seo Ji Hwan is quickly charming his way into her heart. In last week’s episodes, they had many more opportunities to get to know each other, something that left a strong impression on Go Eun Ha. And as the story progresses, this most likely will open the doors to the beginning of their most anticipated romantic era. So here are some of the best moments of Ji Hwan that left not only Eun Ha impressed but many viewers as well.

Warning: spoilers from episodes 5-6 ahead! 

1. Helping her every time she needs it.

Last week we saw how Ji Hwan is someone who is able to grasp every situation quickly. Maybe it’s due to his years of being in front of a dangerous organization, which is why it’s not so much of a surprise that he jumps into action every time Eun Ha needs some help. He is reserved though and tries to distance himself from her after prosecutor Jang Hyeon Woo (Kwon Yool) talks about the risk she could be in just by being associated with Ji Hwan. But the moment he realizes she is homeless, Ji Hwan offers a place to stay in his house in exchange of helping his employees with their studies.

Something that’s also noteworthy in episode 5 is that Ji Hwan’s attitude toward Eun Ha has a slight difference the moment he gets to know her real name, since he only knew her as Ms. Mini, the kid’s content creator. This has had many viewers suspecting that he is actually her childhood friend, though it has yet to be confirmed. There are some other clues within the drama that is making Eun Ha believe her lost friend is actually prosecutor Hyeon Woo.

2. Showing his upright perspective on work.

If there’s one thing that has distinguished Ji Hwan since the beginning, it is that he takes his job seriously. It’s even more so considering that he has chosen to follow a righteous path ever since he left behind his years as a mobster. Though he doesn’t really trust his employees due to their pasts as well, Eun Ha can see the sincere care he has for them behind his stern words after one of them makes a deal with Kang Ye Na (Song Seo Rin) behind his back to promote their new line of products.

One of the best attributes of Eun Ha may be that she doesn’t seem to be easily persuaded by others, and despite having her own prejudices and reasons for them, she sees people for who they are and what they do. So she is able to recognize the ill intentions behind some apparently nice people like Ye Na as well as see the true good nature of Ji Hwan and the men around him. This is also why the obvious hatred and fixation coming from prosecutor Hyeon Woo doesn’t have that much effect on her, despite him warning her to stay away from them.

3. Being generous with her and his group members.

After meeting Eun Ha, Ji Hwan not only opens the doors of his home to her, but he also opens the doors of his heart. He does everything that is in his hands to make her feel comfortable while staying in his home. He goes even as far as to ask his employees to stop calling him the way they have been doing before, proving that he is committed to showing a better image in the eyes of Eun Ha. Although he might not have the complete image of a charming prince, he is definitely the embodiment of a sweet mobster, a person who might look stern on the outside but is the softest on the inside.

That’s proven once again when he welcomes back his employee, accepting his apology and even enjoying a welcome party for Eun Ha with everyone, which quickly makes them feel more at ease with each other. During this party, Ji Hwan demonstrates once again how much he likes Eun Ha, enjoying seeing her beating everyone at their games while gifting us with his charming smile. She also gets showered with the feeling of being welcomed by Ji Hwan’s little and uncommon family, something she has been craving for.


4. Displaying his cute charm and attractiveness.

If there’s something ever so impressive to see in a character, it is their ability to have a great duality. And that’s exactly what Seo Ji Hwan shows a lot more during these two episodes, though we might expect so many more in the near future. He has a sharp appearance that may be very attractive, but what truly impresses Eun Ha is his cute antics, like when he sulks after being described as having “gangster shoulders,” which in fact only refers to his great body build.

But nothing tops his reaction the moment he receives his first ever kiss by Eun Ha. A drunken kiss is definitely not the best scenario when it comes to the first kiss for anybody, but the writer has Eun Ha actually remember her actions and feel ashamed of them, rather than making her forget all about it like it happens sometimes in K-dramas. So it might give us a clue that they will resolve it one way or another. Hopefully, we will soon see this 36-year-old forever single man getting a proper first kiss with the person he truly likes.


5. Protecting her and those around them.

Sometimes it’s hard to understand exactly how Ji Hwan turned into a mobster when he clearly is a person who cares for the people around him, that looks after them, and has a kind heart. So it’s sort of heartbreaking to see him being misunderstood by Eun Ha when she finds out the younger sister of Ji Hwan’s missing employee has gone missing, when it’s clear he is trying to protect the little child from the real bad people. The influence of Hyeon Woo at this moment gets unbearable when we know that not everything is black or white, and his obvious hate toward Ji Hwan is getting to be too much to handle.

But this misunderstanding doesn’t seem to affect him as much as it shakes up Eun Ha, who wishes to quickly resolve the problem, which takes her to Ji Hwan’s company. While there, she once again gets to know more of Ji Hwan’s good deeds and how much he’s helped people who struggled due to a harsh past. But while she’s helping out, one of the oldest tricks in the books of K-dramas happens, and she gets trapped in a freezer with none other than Ji Hwan. Trying to protect her from the cold, he embraces her tightly, leaving us hanging and wishing for Wednesday to come sooner so we can see what else will happen in the next episodes of “My Sweet Mobster.”

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