Hyeri Captivates As A Passionate Aspiring Cheerleader In Upcoming Youth Film

The upcoming youth movie “Victory” has shared a sneak peek of Hyeri’s character!

Directed by Park Beom Soo, “Victory” is a youth film starring Hyeri, Park Se Wan, Lee Jung Ha, Jo Aram and others. The film depicts the story of Geoje Commercial High School’s cheerleading team Millennium Girls, where eight team members with unique personalities are gathered. Set in the backdrop of 1999, “Victory” follows the passionate story of best friends Pil Seon (Hyeri) and Mi Na (Park Se Wan) as they put together a cheerleading team in order to be able to dance.

Hyeri brings vibrant energy to her role as Pil Seon, an aspiring dancer, showcasing remarkable acting skills that break away from conventional roles. Pil Seon, a high school student known for captivating Geoje Island with a single dance, dreams of becoming a dancer in Seoul. She is driven by passion and unwavering determination in pursuing her goals. Pil Seon radiates confidence and bold charm wherever she goes.

Pil Seon, along with her dance partner and soulmate Mi Na, teams up with Seoul cheerleader Se Hyun (Jo Aram) to set up a school dance studio and create the cheerleading club Millennium Girls. Their dance performances start inspiring everyone around them. Hyeri, embodying her character with unique and passionate charm, will deliver another captivating portrayal as Pil Seon, a role she has seamlessly embraced.

In the released photos, Hyeri effortlessly captures the Y2K vibe in oversized clothing, short bangs, and a carefree hairstyle. Her vibrant energy, evident even in photos, is poised to uplift everyone’s spirits and bring lively energy to the audience.

Hyeri expressed, “Reading the ‘Victory’ script, I was overwhelmed imagining Pil Seon dancing to songs from that era.” She added, “Preparing for the film was intense, including cheerleading, hip hop, and even dialect. I challenged myself with new experiences.”

Director Park Beom Soo commented, “From the initial script draft, I envisioned Hyeri. She embodies essential qualities for an actress—energy, diverse talents, physical adeptness, and charm. I felt this film should thrive on Pil Seon’s vitality and charisma. Ultimately, I saw it as potentially Hyeri’s film to a large extent.”

“Victory” is set to premiere on August 14. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, check out Hyeri in “My Roommate is a Gumiho” below:

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