Greg Han Captivates As An Enigmatic Assassin In Upcoming Mystery Thriller Drama

“No Way Out : The Roulette” has unveiled a sneak peek of Greg Han’s character in the mystery thriller drama!

“No Way Out: The Roulette” is an upcoming drama depicting the fierce battle among individuals with no way out, ignited by a nationwide bounty of 20 billion won (approximately $14.5 million) on the life of a notorious criminal about to be released from prison.

Greg Han takes on the role of “Mr. Smile,” the hired killer tasked with carrying out an assassination. His character blends a warm smile with a chillingly ruthless demeanor.

Renowned for his charming roles in romance genres, Greg Han is set to undergo a bold transformation as he takes on the ruthless character Mr. Smile, signaling a departure from his usual roles and generating excitement for his performance.

Mr. Smile, as his mysterious code name implies, arrives in Korea as a character of undisclosed identity and nationality after receiving an assassination contract for ex-convict Kim Gook Ho (Yoo Jae Myung) from an anonymous client. With handsome looks and a smile, the killer Mr. Smile approaches his target Kim Gook Ho. He displays the ruthless side of human nature through flawless execution and elegant action, ensuring perfection as long as the payment is confirmed.

Greg Han described, “[My character] is always smiling, but the smile seems to be an enigmatic one that doesn’t convey malice—a smile that you can’t quite understand why he’s smiling.” This portrayal of a hidden cruel side behind an innocent smile builds anticipation for his acting skills. He also expressed heartfelt gratitude for the filming atmosphere, noting, “All the senior actors were incredibly kind to me. I felt really happy.”

“No Way Out : The Roulette” will premiere on U+Mobile TV on July 31.

In the meantime, watch Greg Han in “Someday or One Day: The Movie” below!

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