3 Reasons To Watch Upcoming Disaster Film

The release date of “Project Silence” is fast approaching!

Starring late actor Lee Sun Gyun, Joo Ji Hoon, and Kim Hee Won, “Project Silence” tells the story of people grappling to survive amid the chaos caused by untethered dogs from a military experiment. These dogs are unleashed at a bridge which is on the verge of collapse following a series of collision accidents amidst dense fog.

Here are three compelling reasons to watch the movie:

1. Endless chaotic disasters

Set against the backdrop of an ordinary bridge now threatened by our once-friendly furry companions, “Project Silence” delivers strong suspense and relentless action throughout the film. Viewers can expect a cascade of disasters including a 100-car collision, helicopter crashes, toxic gas leaks, bridge collapse, and constant attacks from experimental military dogs. Each catastrophic event heightens the suspense of the film, promising a unique viewing experience for the audience.

2. Chemistry between the characters

Another highlight of the movie is the character dynamics among the survivors trapped on the bridge, led by Jung Won (Lee Sun Gyun), an Office of National Security official who demonstrates leadership amidst the chaos. The ensemble also includes tow truck driver Jo Bak (Joo Ji Hoon), who, together with his dog Jody, brings a spark of liveliness to the dire circumstances, and Dr. Yang (Kim Hee Won), a mad scientist who straddles the line between good and evil. The chemistry among these characters is bolstered by other talented actors such as Moon Sung Geun, Ye Soo Jung, Park Hee Bon, Park Ju Hyun, and Kim Su An.

3. Spectacular visual effects

Helmed by Kim Tae Gon and scripted by Kim Yong Hwa, “Project Silence” boasts cutting-edge visual effects. The fully CGI-rendered character and experimental dog “Echo” showcases meticulous detail after months of extensive research and training by a martial arts crew. The massive set, featuring around 300 vehicles and heavy equipment, promises viewers a deeply immersive experience. Furthermore, the combination of handheld shooting and VFX techniques captures the scenes in a dynamic and dramatic way.

“Project Silence” will hit theaters on July 12.

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