Um Tae Goo, Han Sun Hwa, And Kwon Yool's Love Triangle Heats Up In

JTBC drama “My Sweet Mobster” has released new stills ahead of the second half of the series!

“My Sweet Mobster” is a romance drama with surprising twists starring Um Tae Goo as Seo Ji Hwan, a man who has overcome his troubled past, and Han Sun Hwa as Go Eun Ha, a kids’ content creator.


Following recent episodes, the romance between Seo Ji Hwan and Go Eun Ha appears to be progressing. They were gradually getting to know each other, with mutual interest and curiosity. Notably, the revelation that Seo Ji Hwan recognized Go Eun Ha as the girl from his childhood has sparked anticipation for a shift in their relationship.

However, Seo Ji Hwan was living a very different life from the one Go Eun Ha remembered, so he couldn’t reveal his identity hastily. Unaware of this, Go Eun Ha was deeply hurt by Seo Ji Hwan, who kept her at a distance by maintaining a strict tenant-landlord relationship, which saddened her. Go Eun Ha even surprised viewers by ending things with Seo Ji Hwan. Viewers are now curious about their unpredictable romance—whether Seo Ji Hwan will let Go Eun Ha go and why she decided to say goodbye.

Additionally, the actions of Jang Hyun Woo (Kwon Yool), closely tied to Seo Ji Hwan and Go Eun Ha, are also gaining attention. Previously cautious toward Seo Ji Hwan due to a past incident at a hotel, Jang Hyun Woo has now shown interest in Go Eun Ha and actively pursued her, intensifying the tension with Seo Ji Hwan.

Most importantly, Go Eun Ha views Jang Hyun Woo as her childhood playmate, adding intrigue to the intertwined story of these three individuals. Jang Hyun Woo sparked viewers’ imagination by reconnecting with Go Eun Ha and discussing her long-lost childhood playmate Hyun Woo, heightening curiosity about how their interactions will impact Go Eun Ha’s relationship with Seo Ji Hwan.

Finally, all eyes are on the showdown between Seo Ji Hwan and his longtime rival, the Kitty Gang. The rivalry between Seo Ji Hwan and Go Yang Hee (Lim Chul Soo), rooted in Seo Ji Hwan’s father Seo Tae Pyeong (Kim Roe Ha), has persisted from the past into the present. The recent kidnapping of Thirsty Deer employee Jung Yun Taek (Kim Hyun Kyu) has reignited their simmering conflict, hinting at even more trouble ahead.

The sense of crisis intensifies as Go Yang Hee brings up Go Eun Ha’s existence to Seo Ji Hwan. Adding to the tension, Seo Ji Hwan’s father Seo Tae Pyeong is set to be released from prison just days away. People are now eager to see whether Seo Ji Hwan and the Thirsty Deer employees can safeguard Go Eun Ha and their integrity against Seo Tae Pyeong and the Kitty Gang in the upcoming storyline.

The next episode of “My Sweet Mobster” airs on July 10 at 8:50 p.m. KST.

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