I am very proud to announce that we are organizing a “2005 Soompi Gayo DaeSang Award Show”. Just like the TV networks, we are handing out “awards” to recognize the achievements of outstanding singers in 2005. We hope to make this an annual event.

The show will be aired live on Soompi Radio December 31 8:00 – 10:00pm EST, hosted by DJ Kerisu. We are going to countdown the top 20 songs for 2005 in the first 1.5 hours, and announce all the award winners in the last half hour. Be sure to tune in for this award show before you head out for your New Year’s Eve party.

BonSang winners: These 10 singers (names in alphabetical order) receive the highest scores combined on our weekly top 20 chart and album sales. They are our BonSang winners and they will compete for the prestige DaeSang award:

MC Mong
Kim Jong Kook
SG Wannabe
Shin Hye Sung
Yoon Do Hyun

The calculation method of the Daesang winner is as follows:

60% from our weekly top 20 chart scores -scores will be adjusted for competition, seasonal, and positional factors. Non-original songs (remakes and covered versions) will be excluded from the calculations.
20% from album sales – figures released by Music Industry Association of Korea (MIAK) from January to November 2005, plus Hanteo’s weekly sales for December 2005. If a singer releases more than 1 album this year, we’ll use the album with the highest sales for this event.
20% from fan voting – that’s where your vote comes in.

You can make a difference! Be sure to vote for your favorite singer or who you think deserves to win the Daesang award. I have created a poll above. I am sure you all are familiar with how to vote here. However, please don’t abuse your voting rights. One person can only vote once. Should we find out any foul plays, we reserve the right to abandon the results of the voting.

The voting will stop on December 27 11:59pm EST. This will allow me and soompi radio staffs a few days to gather data and prepares for the show. I also want to stop the voting before the 3 major TV networks (SBS, KBS, MBC) runs their Gayo DaeSang show to prevent any influences.

Because our weekly top 20 charts are using sources from all major music charts in Korea (MBC Music Core, MNet M!Countdown, Chartkorea, Hanteo weekly sales, SBS Inki Gayo, plus internet charts from Melon and Jukeon. Our backup source also include MTV Korea, MaxMP3.com, and Pops In Seoul from Arirang TV), we expect to get an accurate result for this award show. Since this show takes place after all the major gayo award shows in Korea, you can compare our results to various TV networks.

Apart from the DaeSang, these awards are based on top 20 chart performances only. Album sales and fan votings will not be included.

Top 20 songs of 2005 – from our weekly top 20 charts, we select the 20 songs with the highest accumulated chart scores, after adjusting for competition, seasonal, and positional factors. Again, non-original songs (remakes and covered versions) will be excluded from the calculations. To be fair to all singers, each singer will only have 1 top 20 songs. If they have more than 1 song among the top 20 scores, the song with the highest scores will be chosen as their top 20 songs.

Best new artists of 2005 (3 awards: Gold, Silver, Bronze) – the 3 top newcomers with the highest charted scores.

Top male singer of 2005 (3 awards – Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Top female singer of 2005 (3 awards – Gold, Silver, Bronze)
Top group singer of 2005 (3 awards – Gold, Silver, Bronze)

You can expect the winners of the above 3 awards are coming from BonSang winners, except for female singers. 2005 is not the year for female singers in k-pop. None of them hits #1 on the top 20 charts in any weeks during this year. That is why no female singers made the BonSang list!

Song of the year (1 award) – it will be announced during the year end top 20 countdown. The #1 song will automatically become the song of the year.

Album of the year (1 award) – the album with the highest scores of all its charted songs on our top 20.

Of course, the DaeSang winner will be annoucned at the end of the show. That’s about all I am going to say now. Thank you for reading. I’ll update these 2 posts regularly if there are any changes.

Happy holidays!

Visit the thread in the forum to cast your vote and see the results!

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