2005 YEAR END TOP 20: These are the 20 songs that accumulated the highest total chart scores on our weekly top 20 chart, adjusted for the following factors:

1. Positional factor: To reward songs that rank higher in the chart, I assign a weight for each song each week. The No. 1 song of the week gets a weight of 1.00, or 20/20, the No. 2 song gets a weight of 0.95, or 19/20, and so on. The No. 20 song gets 0.05, or 1/20.
2. Competition factor: I added up the total chart scores of all 20 songs each week, and then sum the grand total for the year, divided by the number of weeks (51, because this week is the year end countdown). That arrives a mean score (average) for the year. Any weeks with a total score higher than average means that songs appear on those weeks are facing strong competition, and thus are awarded a higher score bu the percentage that it exceeds the average score of the year.
3. Seasonal factor: Traditionally, most big albums are released later in the year to have better chance for year end awards. I apply a seasonal factor to each month: January (0.88), February (0.90), March (0.92), April (0.94), May (0.96), June (0.98), July (1.00), August (1.02), September (1.04), October (1.06), November (1.08), December (1.10). Songs releasing later in the year will have more advantage.

Also, remakes and covered versions will be excluded from the consideration of the year end top 20.

Here are the 20 most popular k-pop songs in 2005:

1. Yoon Do Hyun – 사랑했나 봐 (Seems to fall in love) [Score: 8361] *** 2005 SONG OF THE YEAR ***
IPB Image
2. Buzz – 겁쟁이 (Coward) [Score: 6466]
3. Epik High – Fly [Score: 5962]
4. Kim Jong Kook – 사랑스러워 (You are loveable) [Score: 5746]
5. Sung Shi Kyung – 잘 지내나요 (Are you still doing well?) [Score: 5609]
6. MC Mong (featuring Kim Tae Woo) – I Love You, Oh Thank You [Score: 5601]
7. Jang Woo Hyuk – 지지 않는 태양 (The sun that doesn’t set) [Score: 5569]
8. Lee Ssang – 내가 웃는 게 아니야 (I am not smiling) [Score: 5221]
9. Jewelry – Superstar [Score: 5095]
10. MC The Max – 행복하지 말아요 (Don’t be happy) [Score: 4841]
11. Tei – 사랑은하나다 (Love Is…The One) [Score: 4726]
12. Byul (featuring Na Yoon Kwon) – 안부 (Greeting) [Score: 4713]
13. Wheesung – Goodbye Luv [Score: 4440]
14. G.O.D. – 2 ♥ [Score: 4429]
15. SG Wannabe – 죄와 벌 (Sin and Punishment) [Score: 4376]
16. Jo Sung Mo – Mr. Flower [Score: 4331]
17. Turtles – 빙고 (Bingo) [Score: 4199]
18. KCM – Smile Again [Score: 4125]
19. Shin Hye Sung – 같은 생각 (Same thought) [Score: 4086]
20. Lexy – 눈물씻고화장하고 (Wiping my tears and fixing my makeup) [Score: 4025]

Gold: SS501 [Score: 3619]
IPB Image
Silver: Mose [Score: 3458]
Bronze: Lim Jung Hee [Score: 2416]

Gold: Buzz [Score: 15576]
IPB Image
Silver: G.O.D. [Score: 10054]
Bronze: MC The Max [Score: 8124]

Gold: Jang Yoon Jung [Score: 6962]
IPB Image
Silver: BoA [Score: 5040]
Bronze: Gummy [Score: 4381]

Gold: Kim Jong Kook [Score: 15526]
IPB Image
Silver: Tei [Score: 11592]
Bronze: Wheesung [Score: 11209]

ALBUM OF THE YEAR: Buzz Vol. 2 – Effect [Score: 15576]
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And the 2005 SOOMPI GAYO DAESANG AWARD goes to……………

4 DaeSangs in the last 4 days, congratulations KIM JONG KOOK!
IPB Image

Here is the complete order of finish on the DaeSang scores among 10 Bonsang winners, based on 60% chart scores, 20% album sales, and 20% fan votings (552 total votes – voting results are here):

1. Kim Jong Kook [Score: 774]
Chart score: 598
Album sales score: 113
Fan Voting score: 63

2. Buzz [Score: 730]
Chart score: 600
Album sales score: 111
Fan Voting score: 19

3. DBSG [Score: 599]
Chart score: 301
Album sales score: 98
Fan Voting score: 200

4. SG Wannabe [Score: 557]
Chart score: 288
Album sales score: 200
Fan Voting score: 69

5. Wheesung [Score: 543]
Chart score: 432
Album sales score: 74
Fan Voting score: 37

6. G.O.D. [Score: 510]
Chart score: 387
Album sales score: 51
Fan Voting score: 72

7. Tei [Score: 505]
Chart score: 447
Album sales score: 49
Fan Voting score: 9

8. MC Mong [Score: 435]
Chart score: 367
Album sales score: 54
Fan Voting score: 14

9. Shin Hye Sung [Score: 431]
Chart score: 245
Album sales score: 97
Fan Voting score: 89

10. Yoon Do Hyun [Score: 403]
Chart score: 327
Album sales score: 68
Fan Voting score: 8

Kim Jong Kook and Buzz were head to head in chart scores and album sales scores. But the fan voting gave Kim Jong Kook the DaeSang!

Congratulations to all the winners above, and thanks to everyone who has participated in the voting and gave me a lot of valuable feedbacks on this show. I hope to do it better next year.

Last but not least, thanks to soompi radio for broadcasting this show live. A BIG thanks to DJ Kerisu, who is "retiring" after this show. You’ve done a very good job.


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