Fly To The Sky is still going very strong, holding on to the top spot for the 3rd straight week with a 947 score. Lee Soo Young is closing in, moving up another sopt to #2. Let see if she will become the first female artist to hit #1 on this chart next week (we have none since the chart started last year).

Another week with lots of new songs (6). But the more surpising fact is the songs that dropped out. 5 of the 6 songs dropped out were still in the top 10 last week. ohmy.gif This chart is moving a lot faster in the last 3 weeks. smile.gif New singer Howl has 1.5 songs in the chart: his solo debut "앵무새" (Parrot) moves up 1 spot to #18 this week, and his duet with J "Perhaps Love" debuts at #13. This song is coming from the OST of the popular MBC drama "Goong". It is the first drama song to hit our top 20 this year.

3 songs debuted from last week made big jumps. They are KCM’s "태양의눈물" (Tears of the Sun), up 9 spots to #3; Lee Seung Ki’s "하기힘든말" (Words Hard to Tell), up 12 spots to #4, and K’s "웃어요", up 8 spots to #10. Let see if these songs will challange Fly To The Sky for the top spot next week.

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1. (–) Fly To The Sky – 남자답게 (Like a Man) *** 3 weeks No. 1 ***
IPB Image Music: Kim Do Hoon / Lyrics: Cho Eun Hee
Score: 947

2. (+1) Lee Soo Young – Grace
IPB Image Music: Hwang Sung Je / Lyrics: Lee Soo Young
Score: 803

3. (+9) KCM – 태양의눈물 (Tears of the Sun)
IPB Image Music: Cho Young Soo / Lyrics: Ahn Young Min
Score: 762

4. (+12) Lee Seung Ki – 하기힘든말 (Words hard to tell) * BIGGEST MOVER OF THE WEEK *
IPB Image Music: Choi Kap Won + Kim Do Hoon / Lyrics: Kim Do Hyun
Score: 665

5. (–) Bada – Find The Way
IPB Image Music: 외국곡 / Lyrics: Bada
Score: 623

6. (–) Shim Eun Jin – Oopsy
IPB Image Music: Ahn Sung Il / Lyrics: Rain
Score: 464

7. (+6) Jang Yoon Jung – 꽃 (Flower)
IPB Image Music: Im Kang Hyun / Lyrics: Jung In
Score: 451

8. (New) SS501 – Fighter * HOT SHOT DEBUT *
IPB Image Music: Cho Young Soo / Lyrics: Ahn Young Min
Score: 433

9. (New) Lee Ssang (featuring BMK) – 광대 (Brighten Up)
IPB Image Music: Park Sang Hyuk / Lyrics: 개리,길

10. (+8) K – 웃어요 (Smile)
IPB Image Music: Hwang Se Joon / Lyrics: Cho Eun Hee
Score: 430

Songwriters/Lyricists honor roll: The combination of Cho Young Soo and Ahn Young Min has 2 top 10 songs: KCM’s "태양의눈물" (Tears of the Sun) and SS501’s "Fighter". That’s not news. Cho Young Soo has been writing a lot of hit songs for different k-pop artists in the last few years.


11. (+4) Gavy NJ – 눈사람 (Snowman)
IPB Image Music: Kim Se Jin / Lyrics: Seo Jung Jin
Score: 392

12. (New) Seo Ji Young – 몸살 (Fatigue)
IPB Image Music: Han Jae Ho + Kim Seung Soo / Lyrics: Hong Ji Yoo
Score: 349

13. (New) Howl & J – Perhaps Love (사랑인가요) (MBC Drama "Goong" OST)
IPB Image Music: Park Keun Chul / Kim Lee Na
Score: 314

14. (New) Kim Hyung Joong – 가슴이소리쳐서 (Because My Heart Screeches)
IPB Image Music: Go Sung Jin / Lyrics: Kim Jin Yong
Score: 305

15. (-5) VOS – 시한부 (Time Limit)
IPB Image Music & Lyrics: Park Keun Tae
Score: 282

16. (+1) Han Kyung Il – 사는동안사랑은없어도 (Even if there’s no love while I’m Living)
IPB Image Music: Park Se Joon / Lyrics: Lee Young Joon
Score: 281

17. (New) Bubble Sisters – 사랑먼지 (Love Dust)
IPB Image Music: Hwang Sung Je / Lyrics: Kim Tae Yoon
Score: 277

18. (+1) Howl – 앵무새 (Parrot)
IPB Image Music: Hwang Se Joon / Lyrics: Cho Eun Hee
Score: 261

19. (-8) Monday Kiz – Bye Bye Bye
IPB Image Music: Choi Kap Won + Kim Do Hoon / Lyrics: Hwang Sung Jin
Score: 257

20. (-6) Kim Yeon Woo – 사랑한다는흔한말 (Simple word, I love you)
IPB Image Music: Cho Gyu Man / Lyrics: Lee Seung Min
Score: 255

Dropped out from last week: sad.gif
2. MC The Max – 사랑은 아프려고 하는거죠 (Love after the pain)
4. Super Junior – Twins (Knock Out)
7. Epik High – Paris
8. SS501 – Snow Prince
9. Tei – 그리움을 외치다 (Cry for affection)
20. Big4 – Untouchable

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