Seo Dong Yo (SBS Drama) OST (February 18)
Unleashed Anger – Straight Forward (February 20)
Infinite Flow – Respect for Brother (February 20)
Yoo Young Suk – First Emotion (February 21)
Mellowyear Vol. 1 – The Vane (February 21)
Funky Brown Vol. 1 – Browndays (February 21)
Ji Seo Ryun Vol. 2 – 천풍명월 (February 22)

See Ya Vol. 1 (February 22)
Female trio See Ya, produced by SG Wannabe finally unveiled itself by releasing its debut album. See Ya is known as a ‘million money baby’ in which SG Wannabe put in about 1 billion won of investment. For 1 year, the female trio had been secretly trained in dance and vocal. SG Wannabe not only trained the female version of themselves in vocal but also in chorus upgrading the album to even a more completed one. The members of See Ya are Nam Kyu-ri(lead vocal, age 21), Kim Yeon-ji(vocal, age 20) and Lee Boram(age 19). Although the members are still young, the voices they have are as powerful as veteran singer. See Ya performed also the chorus parts in their music along with SG Wannabe and MTOM. The debut album of the rookie female trio will be out on the shelves of record stores beginning on February 20th. Ahead of its official release, several tracks of the album will be released online through a music website, MAXmp3. See Ya is planning to focus on performing on live stages where they can meet with the audience in a close distance. credits : kbs world

Sorri Vol. 1 – 앵두 (February 23)
Kim Kyung Ho Vol. 8 – Unlimited (February 23)
Tae Wan Vol. 1 – Aka C-Luv (February 23)

Mose Vol. 2 – 한걸믐 (February 23)
IPB Image
In the first half of 2005, his ‘ ‘사랑인걸’ (This is Love) stormed various music charts. Mose returns with his 2nd album. This time the album has more variety of songs and different kind of music. The title song is track 1 "무지개".

2Soo Vol. 1 – Voice for the Insane Boy (February 24)
Rollercoaster Vol. 5 – Triangle (February 27)

Tim Vol. 3 – In Dreams (March 3)
IPB Image
Tim finally returns after a year and a half. The long anticipated album, finally comes out in the 2nd week of February, in which one song was already introduced. The singer with the soft, charismatic voice returns with the album "감성" (Sensibility). Hopefully, his title song "꿈속에서…" (In a Dream) will become a huge hit, like the hits from his previous albums, such as "사랑합니다" (I Love You) and "고마웠다고" (I Was Thankful). – credits to Izzie

sources: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung

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