Korean actor and singer An Jae-wook, a pioneer of the Korean pop-culture craze, or Korean Wave, is planning to sweep the American continent following Asia. An plans to tour Asia starting from Tokyo on March 31 and moving on to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. After that, he also plans to hold concerts in the U.S. as well as Mexico, Venezuela, and Peru.

In his concert at the Children’s Park in Neung-dong, Seoul on Saturday, An said, “I have become known in South America due to dramas I appeared in, so I am receiving invitations to hold concerts from various countries like Mexico, Venezuela and Peru.” An is gaining popularity in South America due to the drama “Star in My Heart,” which featured An as a leading character. “After my Japan and Southeast Asian tour, I am planning to perform in major cities in the U.S. and South American nations,” he added.

He made the audience laugh heartily with an episode about his popularity in South America. Last September, when President Roh Moo-hyun visited Mexico, some 30 local female fans of An gathered in front of the hotel where the president was staying with placards that read, “Send Jang Dong-gun and An Jae-wook to Mexico.” After the government asked An, “Since Jang is busy, why don’t you go there?” he answered, “I am busy too,” he jokingly said to the audience.

As if to prove An is a star leading the Korean Wave, some 800 foreign fans came to his concert, most of whom were middle-aged Japanese women. There were also fans from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia.

During the three-hour concert, he sang songs from his recent fifth album including the title song “Dururu,” and theme songs from other dramas. He also performed a magic show.

Meanwhile, An will return to the small screen in May after an 18-month absence by playing a role in the new drama “Mr. Goodbye.”
Source: KBS Global