Park Hwa Yobi Vol. 5 – 5" (February 9)
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The best Korean R&B artist, Park HwaYobi comes back with her 5th album. The album which was produced for over an year, finally releases on February 11th. She brings us the title song "맴맴돌아," which is an addictive balladic song produced by Lee SangHo, who also produced YangPa’s "아디오". Each song in the album is worth listening to, and the featuring artists makes it no worse. The music video of "The Butterfly who flys the Desert" is also being produced along with "맴맴돌아" by the famous director of Bae YeonSuk. – credits to Izzie

Noel Vol. 3 – 전부 너였다 (February 10)
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Noel comes back with the 3rd album, with the title song "It was All You" (전부 너였다). After bringing many great songs, such as Even if it Hurts, the four membered group, Noel comes back. The group known for their great vocals come back with the song, "It was All You". – credits to Izzie

Delispice Vol. 6 – Bom Bom (February 13)
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Deli Spice is one 90’s generation K-pop bands that are not easy to be forgotten. Its members have never been shy of musical experiences turning them into eligible pioneers of modern K-rock. Now they are back after a 3 year long absence to deliver the highly anticipated follow up to their vol 5 release Espresso. Their new vol 6 album consists of 12 tunes including the title song BomBom (Track 6). Music fans can look forward to various music styles that are presented in Deli Spices’ memorable sumptuous and easy listening way. The band’s unique performance of touching love stories has maybe never been presented in such perfection as on their latest musical contribution. Skillfully merging their beloved musical elements including passionate guitar and rhythmical drum sounds underlined by the guest appearance of Omega 3, the Deli Spices promise to take their fans on a harmonic rollercoaster ride! – credits to YesAsia

Tim Vol. 3 (February 15)
Tim finally returns after a year and a half. The long anticipated album, finally comes out in the 2nd week of February, in which one song was already introduced. The singer with the soft, charismatic voice returns with the album "감성" (Sensibility). Hopefully, his title song "꿈속에서…" (In a Dream) will become a huge hit, like the hits from his previous albums, such as "사랑합니다" (I Love You) and "고마웠다고" (I Was Thankful). – credits to Izzie

Rollercoaster Vol. 5 – Triangle (February 15)
Yoo Young Suk – First Emotion (February 16)
Sorri Vol. 1 – 앵두 (February 16)

Sources: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung