Our featured artist of the week is the duo Monday Kiz. They have impressed us with their debut song "Bye Bye Bye". Let’s find out more about them:

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The male duo Monday Kiz (먼데이 키즈) was formed by 김민수(Kim Min Soo) and 이진성(Lee Jin Sung). They were signed by "Doremi Entertainment", the same record company as SG Wannabe, Vibe, etc.

The origin of their name "Monday Kiz," in an interview they claimed that their first recording in a studio was on a Monday. Thus, "먼데이 키즈" which would usually translate to "Monday Kids," but they decided to drop the ‘d’ and ‘s’ for a ‘z.’ They don’t want to be known as the "second SG Wannabe" but want their own identity.

Even though both members are only 20 years old, they do not sound like amateurs at all but rather masterful and mature. Although the extremely talented duo display a sort of cockiness for their group chemistry, they were close friends even before any real recording process.

Their debut performance on December 18, 2005 at SBS’ Inkigayo had the audience wondering if they indeed were amateurs in the musical scene. This was because they performed rather flawlessly.

"Your mindset is what’s important. If you think you will be afraid you definitely will be, but if you trust in your skills then you can pull through" is what Kim Min Soo said after the performance.

But it doesn’t seem as if this confidence came easily. The two met in an audition in July about two years ago and prepared for a release for about a year and a half and it seems they garnered this confidence within this time frame.

"During the preparation process there was definitely many difficult things to deal with. We heard on a consistent basis that if we entered the music industry we would fail. But with the passion to impress anyone who would listen to our music, we continued to work hard."

With the release of their album, the group has gathered quite a fan base, their songs have even become popular cellphone ringtones. Their songs have already become one of the top songs at karaoke rooms.

"When I walk down the street and hear a cellphone ringtone of one of our songs I am so thrilled that I want to befriend whoever owns the phone" are the words of Kim Min Soo.

Many have noted the duo sing as powerfully as if they were a 3-manned group.

The duo said they wish to sing together for many years to come.

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