5tion Vol. 3 – Deal In Coal (February 3)
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5tion finally returns after two years, with member exchanges within the group.
Their 3rd album’s title song, "남자" (Man) is a huge transformation from their 1st and 2nd album. Their 3rd album is to be very different from their 1st and 2nd album, in which their 1st & 2nd album were a bit too poppy. Their 3rd album is supposed to be a bit hip-hop, and the styles of soul/R&B artists. The 4 vocal singers in the group were praised from their work for the OST for My Girl, and each member is ready to go solo with their own albums, in which some are already ready to be released. – credits to Izzie

Jang Hye Jin Vol. 7 – 4 Season Story (February 7)

Lee Hyolee Vol. 2 – Dark Angel (February 9)
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Lee Hyolee, who came out solo with her 1st album in the summer of 2003, has had many hit songs, from 10 Minutes, to Hey Girl, and Remember me. The Hyolee syndrome has never been bigger, and after three years, Hyolee comes back to her fans with her 2nd album. Hyolee, who was created as a softy, came out sexy as ever with her 1st album. Her transformation was accepted well, and people can’t wait to find out how her 2nd album will be like. The transsetter of the "sexy concept", Hyolee combined all her feelings into this album, and there is a variety of genres in this album. There is pop, R&B, and even hip hop into this album. The composer of her previous songs, "10 Minutes" and "Hey Girl", Kim DoHyun also has participated in making this album. Her title song is chosen as "Dark Angel." – credits to Izzie

Tim Vol. 3 (February 15)
Tim finally returns after a year and a half. The long anticipated album, finally comes out in the 2nd week of February, in which one song was already introduced. The singer with the soft, charismatic voice returns with the album "감성" (Sensibility). Hopefully, his title song "꿈속에서…" (In a Dream) will become a huge hit, like the hits from his previous albums, such as "사랑합니다" (I Love You) and "고마웠다고" (I Was Thankful). – credits to Izzie

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