Our featured artist of the week is ex-Baby Vox member Shim Eun Jin. Her song "Oopsy" jumps 10 big notches to #7 this week to become her first top 10 song. Not a bad start to her solo career. smile.gif

Thanks to the Shim Eun Jin official thread and original news credits to cafe’ vox / translated by acn (babyvox fanclub in thailand):

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Shim Eunjin was a member of Baby VOX until December of 2004/January of 2005. She decided to leave Baby VOX and persure her solo and acting career. Eunjin made the decision after a lot of thinking and decided that it would be best for her personal growth to split with Baby VOX when her contract was up.

After a press conference, Eunjin was not seen in the entertainment world for quite some time. She was then cast as the MC for thee Korean TV Shows and made numerous appearances on a few TV shows such as Heroine Six Girls Show, Love Letter and Time Machine. However, these appearances soon died down and many fans feared that Eunjin had disappeared and would not make a comeback in either acting or singing. No news was heard of Eunjin for quite some time until, one day, fans all around the world recieved news of her solo debut!

In December of 2005, Eunjin made it know that her comeback was soon! On December 18th her TV Comeback was broadcast and her first solo album, ‘Oopsy’ was released on December 15th! The style of the album is very different from the style she had with Baby VOX. Her solo album songs are filled with a R&B, jazzy, loungy, laid back style. Eunjin has taken the nickname Zeeny as a symbol of her new self. Zeeny comes from the pronunciation of her name. Jin is pronounced Jeen, which can also be pronounced as Zeen, hence Zeeny. Fans have waited a long time for this album and are very excited and support Eunjin 100%!