2006/03/06 09:27 KST

WASHINGTON, March 5 (Yonhap) — Two Korean actors on an American smash hit drama drew accolades from the New York Times on Sunday for successfully expressing emotions in an unusual manner on network television.

South Korean Kim Yun-jin (Sun) and Korean-American Daniel Dae Kim (Jin) play a married couple whose relationship is in tatters when they are marooned on an island with other castaways.

Their conversations are rendered in Korean with English subtitles, but the viewers "have been drawn more intimately into Sun and Jin’s lives by focusing more intently on the faces of the actors… and on the tone of their voices," the New York Times wrote.

"And Sun and Jin’s delicate nonverbal interplay — her lovely, sad, wrinkle-nosed smile, his flashing dark eyes — delivers an emotional wallop akin to watching silent-movie lovers in close-up."
"It’s hard to beat the South Korean husband-and-wide castaways" when it comes to the pleasure of seeing love falling apart and coming together again, the paper said.

The prime time U.S. drama tells the story of Sun and Jin in flashbacks. Their first encounter was purely accidental, with Jin bumping into Sun while looking at another pretty woman. Sun had just been dumped by a man she met through an arranged courtship, and Jin had just quit his job as a hotel doorman.

Lost on the island, the couple is freed "to deal with their marital problems in a way they could not back in South Korea," the paper said, describing the island as "their Eden."
"Sun and Jin are alluring in part because their relationship is so unusual for network television, where younger, whiter, unmarried people seem to have all the romantic fun," the paper said.



Source: http://english.yna.co.kr/Engnews/20060306/670000000020060306092735E6.html