3/1/06 – Ahn Jae Wook and Park Sun Young, who collaborated in KBS2 drama “Oh Bil Seung Bong Soon Young (aka “Oh! Feel Young”), will each lead a drama scheduled to be aired in May. Both dramas will be broadcasted on Monday-Tuesday time slot competing with each other. PSY will lead the SBS drama “She’s Too Perfect” while Ahn Jae Wook will lead the KBS2 drama “Mr. Goodbye”. 

Originally, SBS planned to broadcast “She’s Too Perfect” during weekends.  Then SBS decides to switch the broadcasting dates between the Monday-Tuesday 100-episode historical drama “Yungaesomoon ” and “She’s Too Perfect”.  It also shortens “She’s Too Perfect” from 20 episodes to 16 episodes and will start broadcast the drama on 5/29.  AJW’s drama “Mr. Goodbye” will be aired on 5/15.