Brown Eyed Girls Vol. 1 – Your Story (March 6)
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Following Brown Eyes and Brown Eyed Soul, Brown Eyed Girls follows the Brown Eye series from Gap Entertainment. Brown Eyed Girls, (B.E.G.) has the potential of being a very successful female group. Their first album, titled "Your STory" is produced by one of the best songwriters/lyricalists, and it follows the genre of R&B and Hip-Hop, and created the new, "Hybrid Soul" genre. Their songs have an R&B groove, and a powerful beat of Hip-Hop. Each song is worth a listen to, and each has a story relatable to anyone, making the title "Your Story." B.E.G. shows their strong voice in their perfect harmony. Also, many well-known artists featured in the album, such as Bobby Kim and MC Mong. The album is produced by Jung SungHyun, who produced multiple albums for such singers as, Country KoKo, T, Bubble Sisters, and Sharp. – credits to Izzie

Windy City – Psychedelicious City (March 6)
Ice Vol. 1 – White (March 6)
Now Vol. 1 – Crossma Beat (March 6)
May – Wonderland (March 6)
Ahn Chi Hwan – Beyond Nostalgia (March 6)

Se7en Vol. 3 – 24/7 (March 8)
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Se7en has truly amassed mega star status through his first 2 albums Just Listen… and Style, which contained such favorites as "Passion" and "Tattoo". He is perhaps one of the most looked after singers in the Asian entertainment business today with uncountable fans in Korea, Japan Taiwan, mainland China, and Hong Kong among other places. As for his latest 3rd release 24/7 that took over 1 1/2 years to prepare, it plays with the idea that a day has 24 hours and a week 7 days with "7" also referring to the ever-existing music of Se7en. The all-round talent this time also got involved into the task of songwriting and invited such high potential artists as Teddy (from 1 TYM), Masta Wu, and Perry to back him up with just the right portion of addictive hip hop sounds. The principal tune on Se7en’s 24/7 is the mid-tempo hip hop offering "I understand" (Track 2). This time Se7en provided his lyrical talents for the Intro – 24/7 and I Outro – 7Virus part as well as "All Night" (Track 8). Further highlights on Se7en’s overall 17-track long CD include Love Story and The One among other 24/7 treats! – Credits to YesAsia

Soulstar – First Story (Single) (March 8)
Eg Vol. 2 – My favorites (March 8)
Sugar Donut Vol. 2 – Phantom Pain (March 8)
Crown J Vol. 1 – One and Only (March 8)
Hyun Young – 누나의꿈 (March 10)

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