March 07, 2006

You know you’re famous when half the country follows you around even on your first day in school — at the prestigious Sungkyunkwan University. Moon Geun-Young is one of the most important ‘cash cows’ in Chungmuro, and she clearly understands that, never rushing into projects and choosing more mature roles every year, without alienating her existing fanbase (the entire country?) with abrupt transformations. She’s been carefully choosing one film per year not to interfere with her studies, and her 2006 project has finally been announced. She will star in 사랑따원 필요없어 (I Don’t Need Love).

This marks the return of Korea’s most famous 19 year old to the big screen since last year’s 댄서의 순정 (Innocent Steps). She’s been busy shooting CFs and of course studying, but she’ll finally come back to Chungmuro, as the film starts shooting on March 15. The melodrama, produced by Sidus FNH and directed by Lee Cheong-Ha, will also star Kim Ju-Hyeok from 청연 (Blue Swallow) and 프라하의 연인 (Lovers in Prague). Kim and Moon share the same management company (Namu Actors), so pairing them together was pretty easy.

The film is adapted from the popular 2002 TBS Dorama 愛なんていらねえよ、夏 (I Don’t Need Love), which starred Hirosue Ryoko and Watabe Atsuro, and will show young Moon in a new light, with a slightly less ‘innocent’ character, with a colder side. Release hasn’t been announced yet, but it should be between Chuseok and Christmas.


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