Update : Mar 8, 2006 KST 14:14  

Two leading Korean stars will visit Japan to promote their recent film, a Japanese sports newspaper reported in its internet edition on Wednesday. The Sports Hochi said that Jun Ji-hyun and Jung Woo-sung will come to the island country on March 21 to promote their recent film "Daisy."

The two stars will attend a preview of their film and a press conference during their visit to Japan, which is the first for Jun in about 16 months and for Jung in five months. The visit of the two popular Korean stars is expected to draw much attention in Japan since their previous films became a big hit when they were released in the country, the paper said.

Jun appeared in "My Sassy Girl," and "Windstruck," and Jung in "A Moment to Remember," which drew the most Japanese viewers among Korean films released in Japan.

"Daisy" is a story about a love triangle between an aspiring painter played by Jun, a killer played by Jung and an Interpol agent played by Lee Sung-jae. It will be released in Korea on Thursday.

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/mcontents/entertainment/1385726_11692.html