By Han Eun-jung
Staff Reporter

Actress Son Ye-jin and Gam Woo-sung
Actress Son Ye-jin, who delighted fans with her hilarious portrayal of a cunning flirt in last winter’s box office hit "The Art of Seduction," returns to television later this month to deliver what she describes as "the most down-to-earth role" she has ever taken on.

Son, for the upcoming SBS miniseries "Alone in Love," plays Yoon Eun-ho, a cheerful, tomboyish swimming instructor who rekindles her relationship with her ex-husband years after their divorce.

"What amused and moved me was how the drama communicated day-to-day stories through honest conversations and situations," she said, at a media preview held in Seoul last week.

"Eun-ho is a very sweet, motherly and optimistic woman, who even after divorcing her husband worries for him when he is not well," the 24-year-old actress said.

However, although audiences may be surprised by the fact that Eun-ho is very different from the roles she has played in recent years, Son said that it is only the next in various facets she possesses and is capable of showing as an actress.

Son’s pure and innocent image in melodramas like movies "Classic" and "Lover’s Concerto" and her most recent television drama"Summer Scent," which she shot in 2003, became her signature image. But in recent years, she has been showing possibility in other genres.

After winning over audiences in the 2003 slapstick "Crazy First Love," she took her second shot in the comedy genre with "The Art of Seduction," which went on to be one of last year’s highest grossing comedy movies of 2005.

In a matter of six years, Son has become one of the most sought after actresses in the local entertainment scene. Last year she starred along side Bae Yong-joon in the film "April Snow."

"If one were to ask me to do ‘Summer Scent’ or ‘Classic’ again, I don’t think I would be able to deliver my roles with the same charm. And the same goes for ‘Lover’s Concerto,’ because I was able to best portray the characters in those films because I was at that period in my life when a girl is her freshest and purest," she said.

"What I take into consideration most when choosing my characters is what best fits the period of life I am in at that moment. Right now I feel that I can carry the role of a young divorcee who is given a second chance to make her relationship with her ex-husband work."

However, Son is not the only one for whom "Alone in Love" will be a television comeback.

Gam Woo-sung, who was in the title role of Jang-saeng in "King and the Clown," stars opposite Son in the role of her ex-husband, Lee Dong-jin, an easygoing book master. This is his first time back on the small screen since "Hyung-jung, I Love You," which aired on MBC in 2003.

Gam said that while he was reluctant to do another romantic comedy, he signed on to "Alone in Love" because he had faith in it.

"I’m older now. I don’t have it in me to do the melodramas that I once did but I could tell from the start that this was something special. There’s just something about the characters and the dialogue," he said.

The two carry the story under the direction of Han Ji-seung, who was recognized with a Daejong Film Festival Best Director Award in 2001 for "Haru."

"Alone in Love" premieres March 27 at 9:50 p.m. It will air Mondays and Tuesdays.

03-12-2006 18:59