Our featured artist of the week is the 3 man hip hop trio Epik High. With a more pop-oriented approach, their recently released 3rd album "Swan Song" was a major breakthrough, with 3 top 10 songs, including the 5 weeks No. 1 song "Fly" at the end of last year. Let’s find out more about them:

Real name : Lee Sun-woong
Date of birth : July 22nd, 1980
Education : Stanford University majoring in English Literature
Hobbies : Listening to music, watching movies, reading books
Favorite musicians : Marvin Gaye, Nas, Loveholic, Nell, Kim Tae-woo
Participations :
Kim Gunmo 5th Album "Myself"
The Konexion Compilation
DJ Honda & PMD – "Underground Connection"
TBNY – "Prosac" EP
Project X OST
CB Mass 3th Album – Mass Appeal, etc.

Mithra Jin
Real name : Choi Jin
Date of birth : January 6th, 1983
Education : Gwangmyung High School
Hobbies : Movies, music, computer games
Favorite musicians : Rakim, Cunninlynguists, Kim Beom-soo, Hweesung
Participations :
Cheollian 2001 Korea, MP hiphop 2001 "Daebak", Korea Hardcore 2001, OST of “My Wife is a Gangster,” CB Mass 2nd Album, Da Crew Single "coma" Lyn 1st Album, DJ Honda & PMD – "Underground Connection", TBNY – "Prosac" EP Project X – OST, CB Mass 3rd Album – Mass Appeal, etc.

DJ Tukutz
Real name : Kim Jeong-shik
Date of birth : November 19th, 1981
Education : Donga Broadcasting College
Hobbies : Listening to old music, movies, web surfing
Favorite musicians : Dilated Peoples, D-Styles, Primo, Triple Threat DJs
Participations : CB MASS 3rd Album, The Konexion Compilation, Project X – OST

Composed of three members, Tablo, Mithra and DJ Tukutz, Epik High is a hip-hop group with a perfect format of two MCs and one DJ. Their music is known to be as lyrical as a piece of literature and at the same time very witty and paradoxical. All three members of the band are singers and song-writers. Starting with composing melodies, the three members are all capable of writing lyrics and song arrangements. With their first album “Map pf the Human Soul” released earlier in 2004, the hip-hop band became popular immediately. Their 2nd album “High Society” was released in October the same year also receiving great response from pop music lovers.

Map of the Human Soul (1st album, 2004) : Go, Wind and Waves, I Remember
High Society (2nd album, 2004) : Lady (High Society), High Skool, Lesson 2, My Ghetto
Swan Song + Repackage (3rd album, 2005) : Fly, Paris, 사진첩 (Photo Album)

Credits: KBS World

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