Update : Mar 14, 2006 KST 16:51

According to the Japanese newspaper Sankei Sports on Mar. 14, actor/singer Ryu Si-won, a top hallyu star with the nickname "immortal prince," will make his first concert tour of Japan starting from Jun. 13.

He will give 12 performances at a total of eight performing halls in seven Japanese cities, including Budokan in Tokyo. About 60,000 fans are expected to attend. This figure is far larger than the 45,000 that a similar concert staged by another hallyu star, Park Yong-ha, attracted last year. The number of audience members at Ryu’s performances will likely be the largest for a concert by a hallyu star.

Earlier, Ryu successfully wound up his debut performances in Japan at Budokan in Tokyo and the International Conference Hall in Osaka in November of last year.

Ryu explained why he plans to make a concert tour of Japan this year and commented about his performances in Japan last year, saying, "I think I was able to make many good memories. But I regretted I could not make a concert tour throughout Japan last year."

Many fans in regional Japanese cities had reportedly asked his album agency to "have Ryu Si-won sing in their cities." Amid such a situation, his own desire to "make a concert tour of Japan this year" will be fulfilled.

Prior to the concert tour, Ryu will release two new songs — "A Dream of Summer" (夏の夢) and "I Like You, I Like You" (好きです,好きです) — on April 5 and a new album tentatively entitled "ASIAN BLOW" on May 10.

Ryu also promised to give his fans an energetic concert, saying, "Please wait as I’m trying hard to give a good concert." As part of events for his fans during the concert tour, Ryu will issue backstage passes to a total of 480 fans, or 40 per performance, so that they can meet him backstage in person after each performance.

The song "A Dream of Summer" is a ballad song written by ANRI, a famous Japanese singer. It made a sensation because Lee Ritenour, ANRI’s husband whom she married last year, played the guitar during the recording of the song. Ryu was carried away with emotion, saying, "It’s really an honor. I like the song very much."

"I Like You, I Like You" is another ballad song. Ryu said, "With its music video filmed at a wedding hall, the song is really suitable as a wedding song. Please use this song at your own wedding."

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/mcontents/entertainment/1386716_11692.html


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