Members of "Gag Concert," a comedy program on KBS TV, will give comedy performances in Japan.

Cho Moon-sik, chairman of the KBS Comedians Association, said on Mar. 17, "About 20 members of ‘Gag Concert’ led by Park Joon-hyung will give two rounds of performances at the Nakano Zero Hall in Tokyo, Japan. The hall, which has 1,200 seats, will host the event on Apr. 14 at 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m."

"CulTwo," a comedy duo, previously gave performances in the United States, Canada and Brazil. But this will be the first time Korean comedians give performances in Japan.

Performing at the upcoming concert will be about 20 comedians, including Park Joon-hyung, Chung Jong-chul, Park Hwi-soon, Oh Ji-hun, Lee Soo-kun, and Kim Ji-hye. They will perform popular programs of "Gag Concert," such as "A Family of Love" and "An Interview."

They will use the famous Japanese song entitled "Unable to Sing in High-Pitched Tones" as background music in order to make the most of the characteristics of their performances in Japan. Also performing in "An Interview" will be Park Jung-ah, a former Miss Korea representing the Korean community in Japan. She will also serve as an interpreter for the group.

Cho said,“We will try to show that comedians can also create another type of hallyu boom in Japan. We are going to have another opportunity of this kind in the future."

Tickets will be sold for the first performance, but the second one will be given free for Korean-Japanese residents as well as Korean students in Japan.

The upcoming comedy concert will be organized by IntoEntertainment under the joint sponsorship of NTT Communication, a Japanese communication company, and Happy Communication, a distribution agency of hallyu-related goods.

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/mcontents/entertainment/1387301_11692.html