3/16/06 – Daniel Henney and Uhm Jung Hwa will lead the movie “Hitting on Keanu”. This romance-comedy movie is adapted from a popular internet novel “Hitting on Keanu Reeves”. It portrays a woman falls in love with a man who resembles Hollywood movie star Keanu Reeves played by Daniel Henney. This man works as a top manager in a foreign company in Korea, and UJH plays a young woman who ends up working as an employee in the same company.

The movie is produced by “Sidus FNH” and is directed by Kim Sang Woo. Since Keanu Reeves’s agency doesn’t agree that Keanu Reeves’s name is used in the title “Hitting on Keanu Reeves”, the production company changes the title to “Hitting on Keanu” instead. The start of the filming is scheduled around the end of April or early May. Currently, DH is leading the drama “Spring Waltz”, and UJH is filming the movie “For Horowitz”.