3/21/06 – Ahn Jae Wook, Lee Bo Young, and Oh Yoon Ah will costar in the Monday-Tuesday romance-comedy drama “Wild Beast and Witch”, aka “Mr. Goodbye”, scheduled to be aired by KBS2 on 5/15 following the final episode of “Spring Walltz”.  Their roles form triangle love relationship.

AJW plays the role Yoon Hyun Su who is an adoptee and grows up in USA.  Then Hyun Su is appointed as a top manager of a hotel chain and is assigned a job in Korea.  Lee Bo Young plays the role Choi Young In who is cute, bright, and innocent and works in hotel as a concierge.  Oh Yoon Ah plays the role Kang Soo Jin.   Soo Jin is Hyun Su’s ex-wife and raises her son by herself.  The start of the filming in Korea is scheduled around the end of March.  As to the filming portion in USA, AJW will shoot the drama at Las Vegas around 4/8 and 4/9.