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Our featured artist this week is the 4-member R&B group Noel. For 2 straight weeks, their song "전부 너였다" (It was all you) is our biggest mover of the week. This week it rises up 10 big spots to #5. It is definitely their biggest hit so far in all their 3 albums. Let’s find out more about this group:

Noel (Members: Kang Kyun Sung, Na Sung Ho, Jun Woo Sung, Lee Sang Gon)
Debut: Despite holding on (2002)

Kang Kyun Sung

Date of Birth: 1981/04/17
Education: junior in Kyonggi University
Physiquie: 177cm, 62kg
Place of Birth: Seoul
Hobbies: Listening to music, video games

Na Sung Ho

Date of Birth: 1981/03/01
Education: Hankuk University of Foreign studies (currently resting school)
Physiquie: 170cm, 57kg
Place of Birth: Seoul
Hobbies: listening to music, movies, swimming

Jun Woon Sung

Date of Birth: 1980/03/03
Education: Graduated Yeo-joo University
Physiquie: 175cm, 62kg
Place of Birth: Seoul
Hobbies: Singing

Lee Sang Gon

Date of Birth: 1980/07/22
Education: Dong-ah Broadcasting College (currently resting school)
Physiquie: 174cm, 60kg
Place of Birth: Seoul
Hobbies: listening to music, video games

Noel is a fairly new R & B style group, with four-male singers who actually will have no problem even if they individually start as singers. They are actually chosen and produced by Park Jin-young – a famous singer and producer of JYP entertainment – and have been trained for three years before they actually debuted as Noel. Plus, took a interesting way introducing themselves; they have advertised themselves not through Television programs, but through SK Telecom’s “June,” and teaser trailers/advertisements on TV. The marketing worked, and when they finally revealed themselves completely the curious and eager audience loved them. Their first album Noeul vol.1 and its title song “Despite Holding On” was a great success, earning the hearts of Korean listeners with their sad and desperate tone . However, the first album shows some characteristics of a debut album, trying to show off what they can do, with songs done solo by each of the members. In May of year 2004, after almost a three-year gap, the group returned with a new album, New Beginning, with the title song “Even Though It Hurts.” This album is a continuation of their sad and desperate voice in a urban R&B style, but with a step improved and deepened tone. In March of 2006, Noel comes back with the 3rd album, with the title song "It was All You" (전부 너였다), which is climbing up the charts right now.

Noel Vol. 1 (1st album of Noel, 2002): Despite Holding on; How ever much; Destiny; Love goes once again (Noel Remix live)
New Beginning (2nd album of Noel, 2004): Even though it hurts
Noel Vol. 3 (3rd album of Noel, 2006): It was all you

Credits to KBS World

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