Wawa – Turning Point (March 27)

Spring Waltz (KBS Drama) OST (March 27)
Following in the steps of A Tale of Autumn, Winter Sonata, and Summer Scent comes Korea’s new seasonal drama – Spring Waltz by Yoon Suk Ho. This special series is not only highly anticipated in its homeland but also in major places all over Asia including Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. For the music score the producers selected a choice ensemble of music artists that borrow their vocals to pop, acoustic, and new age infused tunes. Of course some major ballads were also included on the album with the principal track being modern rock group Loveholic’s One Love. Other songs that can be found on this potential soundtrack release include "Rainbow" (Track 12) by S.E.S’ Bada, Lee Ji Soo’s Clementine, Jang Sae Yung’s A Sad Memory as well as Cannonball Run that was performed by Irish singer/songwriter Damien Rice. – credits to YesAsia

Melo Breeze Vol. 1 – 무드셀라증후군 (March 28)
Crown J Vol. 1 – One & Only (March 29)

Koyote – Ballad Special (March 29)

Korea’s major dance group Koyote returns accompanied by their latest extravaganza compilation CD – Ballad Special : Best Album 2000 – 2005, which assembles hits from their 3rd all the way up to their 8th album with a total of 17 tracks. It’s reveals a different side of the band and is filled with emotional and sad as well as happy up-tempo ballads. The principal track of this CD is the sad ballad "After that Day"(CD – Track 1), which can also be found on Koyote’s vol 6 album KOYOTE. It was composed by Jun Hye Sung with lyrics by the band’s female vocalist Shin Ji who also shines with her vocal performance. This deluxe version release comes together with an exclusive DVD featuring the MVs of Y and "Hurt, but…" (DVD – Track 3) as well as a special 35-minute "Non-stop" (DVD – Track 5) video with the band members’ behind-the-scenes trivia. Also featuring the clip "Imagine" (DVD – Track 4) from Young Cartoon with Kwon Sang Woo and Kim Ha Neul in the leads, Koyote’s latest gift is packed with some wonderful surprises! – credits to YesAsia

Go Yoo Jin (Flower) Vol. 2 – My Romantic Life (March 29)
Baek Ji Young Vol. 5 – Smile Again (March 30)
For over 2 years, Baek Ji Young has been planning for this 5th album, titled, "Smile Again." After hundreds of hours in the recording room, she chose the best 13 songs out of the over 50 songs that she has recorded. Up until her 4th album, she only had dance songs in her album. However, she mixed it up in her 5th album, with ballad songs with her usual dance songs. Her title song, "I Won’t Love" (사랑 안해) shows Baek Ji Young’s soft, deep voice that shows her known huskyness. The song also shows the trademark of Baek’s, having a fun, enjoyable beat to dance to. – credits to Izzie

Sources: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung

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