The new MAY issue is out, with the new low price of $14.99!

click to purchase!Hello fellow lovers of K-dramas! I know there’s a ton of you out there!
If you’ve been holding off on checking out the new international version of ASTA TV Magazine, allow me to win you over with its many wonderful features!

In the April edition:

click to see full page!Of course, you’ll expect detailed articles on all the current & upcoming dramas, with plenty of high quality photos to boot. In April’s edition, there is a huge feature on Spring Waltz, the fourth installment of the "Seasons" series, by director Yoon Seok Ho (Autumn Tale, Winter Sonata, Summer Scent). Not only do they give you an overview of the story, but behind-the-scenes looks at how and where they shot it, spotlights on the main actors (Seo Do Young and Daniel Henney), and even an interview with the famous director, with his view on the impact his dramas has made on the international front.

Other special features this month include full page layouts of memorable scenes and quotes from the drama Goong (Palace), travel to some of the favorite locations from the drama My Girl, and an 8-page spread on Hyori‘s comeback, including an interview with her stylist. 


For those who are curious about how dramas are actually distributed, there is a very interesting article on how today’s dramas get out on the market, not just domestically, but internationally (to fans like us!). There is also an interview with Stella Kim, who is the Marketing Director of Bae Yong Joon‘s management company.

An article of interest to all fans of dramas is the ‘First Annual Mi Club Drama Award’, which was an online poll to pick the best dramas, actors, production, couple, kiss, etc across all 3 networks (in Korea, the major networks have awards shows exclusive to their networks, so MBC shows only compete with other MBC shows, etc). It’s pretty much the MTV Movie Awards for Korean Dramas. The big winners this year were My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Sweet Spy, and The Immortal Lee Soon Shin.

One unexpected plus is the advertisements in the magazine. Who doesn’t want to see their favorite celebs hawking all sorts of products, whether it be clothing (Kwon Sang Woo & Ha Ji Won), watches (Rain), or makeup (Yoon Eun Hye).

They also have photos from commercial-shoots (CF’s), including Song Hye Gyo for Litmus, and Cho In Sung & Han Hyo Joo for Crencia.

Another fun feature is the Star Paparazzi section, which includes candid shots from all sorts of events, drama sets, parties, protests, and more!

There’s a lot more in the magazine — it’s definitely what the English-speaking Korean drama fan has been waiting for! They’ve only released 2 issues so far, translated directly from Korea’s #1 drama magazine. Some of the translations are pretty rough, but understandable for the most part. Starting from the next issue, the translations will be handled directly by YesAsia, so I expect a huge jump in quality (the first 2 were translated in Korea by ASTA). Be sure to click on all the thumbnails to see full-page previews of the magazine, and check out April’s edition of ASTA TV. You won’t regret it!

ASTA TV Internation Edition is available exclusively at, or receive a FREE copy of the magazine when you purchase any English subtitled K-Drama through April 30th! [details]

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