Top actor Lee Byung-hun will act in a new film entitled "A Summer’s Tale."

Lee has recently agreed to act in the new melodramatic picture to be directed by Cho Keun-sik, the director of the film "No Manners" (2002), and produced by KM Culture. In "A Summer’s Tale," Lee will play the lead character, Yoon Suk-young. It has been two years since Lee appeared in his last melodramatic movie, "Everybody Has Secrets" (2004).

"A Summer’s Tale" portrays a story about a renowned old professor named Yoon who recalls times from his past and eventually reunites with his first lover. The film used a long-running program on KBS TV, "Love in TV," as its key motif.

The public’s attention has been drawn to this film, as Lee will first play a young college student in his 20s and then a distinguished old professor in his 60s later in the movie.

It has been a year since Lee acted in the film "A Bittersweet Life" (2005). So far, he has worked with directors Kim Ji-woon and Park Chan-wook for films in unique genres such as noir films or horror movies, including "Three…Extremes / Three, Monster" (2004). But in "A Summer’s Tale," Lee will present his audience with a heartwarming love story once again.

South Korean and Japanese fans have paid keen attention to his next film, as he is a top hallyu star with strong box-office appeal and superb acting ability. Rumors had once circulated that he would act for a noir film again or for a Hollywood movie. But he finally decided to act in "A Summer’s Tale" because of its tight storyline and heartwarming plot.

The film will begin shooting around the end of April after the casting of the other actors and actresses is completed.

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/mcontents/entertainment/1388979_11692.html