Cho Seung-woo, left, and Kang Hye-jung star in the upcoming film, "Love Phobia."

If real-life lovers star in a melodrama, can they do a more convincing job of telling a love story, whether its sad or romantic?

Movie stars Cho Seung-woo and Kang Hye-jung, who have been a couple for years, say that their upcoming movie "Love Phobia (Tomabaem)" will have the answer.

"Since we are a couple in the real world, we were able to help each other while we were making the film, more than just as co-stars," Cho said during a news conference held last Friday at Seoul Plaza Hotel in downtown Seoul. "But while we were working, we didn’t really think we were each others’ boyfriend or girlfriend."

Kang and Cho showed up at the conference with their hands clasped tight. The event was held to promote the movie, which opens April 27.

Directed by Kang Ji-eun, the story is about a boy named Cho-gang who falls in love with his classmate A-ri.

A-ri, with her peculiar personality and many secrets intentionally avoids meeting the boy although she also loves him. Cho-gang is only able to meet the girl three times in 20 years, but his love for her never changes.

Many star couples tend to avoid standing in the center of public attention and hide their relationship, but Cho and Kang have often appeared in public places and openly express their affection toward each other.

In their acceptance speech at a local film awards, they said, "I’d like to share this honor and joy with my loved one."

As boyfriend and girlfriend, they definitely seem to find each other the perfect partner. But, as top actors, how do they view each other?

"You learn a lot from your partner when you make a film. Apart from the fact that she is my girlfriend, I have actually wanted to work with her in a movie for a long time. She is an actress that I really wanted to work with," Cho said.

Kang also admired her boyfriend as an actor saying that he is very passionate about what he does and knows much about acting.

"When we were filming a scene where we kissed, it was a bit silly. But he taught me what I should do in the context of the story. He helped me a lot," Kang said.

But she also teased Cho by revealing to reporters a "secret" moment when he broke wind during filming.

"Due to physiological problems he is also great at making noises and smells," Kang said jokingly recalling the scene in which they were in a taxi.

The film seems to have been a perfect opportunity for the two stars as they were able to enjoy filming as well as dating, but the director said that their personal relationship was also seen as a risky factor somehow.

He implied that a possible breakup can damage a film’s box office performance and audiences may focus more on the actual relationship rather than the story of the film.

"When I first wrote the script, I was really confident about the story. But when we actually got to cast a real-life couple, honestly, I was a bit worried. But now I’m happy with the result as they knew what they could do for each other, which was a great help for me, too." Kang said.


04-03-2006 16:09

Source: http://times.hankooki.com/lpage/culture/200604/kt2006040316100711690.htm