Maybee Vol. 1 – A Letter from Abell 1689 (April 10)

The rookie songer, Maybee, can’t be considered a newbie. She wrote the lyrics of Hyolee’s 10 Minutes, Remember Me, Get Ya, and Shall we Dance. Also, Kim JongKook’s Addiction, and one of your favorite songs; MC Mong’s "A Letter Written for You." Her lyric writing skills made these numerous amount of songs a hit, and her new album is an album worth waiting for. With the help from famous producers, Maybee got to work with many famous singers on her debut album, including MC Mong [song, "Love to my Grave"], and even a duet with Fly to the Sky’s HwanHui [song, "Meet a Nice Person"] – credits to Izzie

TBNY Vol. 1 – Masquerade (April 10)
Kim Jong Kook Vol. 4 – 네 번째 편지 (April 12)

The singer of 2005 leaves us with his last message in his 4th album, titled "Kim JongKook’s 4th Letter." As he leaves us with his last piece of his music, he gets ready for the two year transformation. His 4th album had many contributions from many producers, such as Jo MyungSoo, Hwang ChanHui, and Ju YoungHoon, who also contributed for the big success of his 3rd album. Following the ballad styles of his 2nd album’s "One Man," and his 3rd’s "TO Her Man," Hwang ChanHui wrote the song "Letter," which is about a man who can’t express his true love for a woman. The last track of the album, titled "To The Dream," is a present to the FC ShootDori for Kim JongKook’s sorrow for not being able to stay until the end.
The 14 songs in the album varies in genres, and are written by some of the most greatest producers, one being Kim SaeHoon, who wrote Kim BumSoo’s "I Want to See You", etc. – credits to Izzie

Alice Vol. 1 – Romantic Affair (April 13)
Loveholic Vol. 3 – Nice Dream (April 13)

Loveholic finally returns with their 3rd album, in which contains the song "One Love" which is also in the OST for the hit drama, Spring’s Waltz. The title song, <차라의 숲>, is a mid-tempo song with the addicting chorus and the climax. The song is ought to never disconnect in the 4 minute song, and will have the dramatic mood in the song. Loveholic gained much popularity from the drama, "Spring’s Waltz," and their 3rd album is ought to be a hit. Each song, worthy of being a title song, has the soft rhythm with the heavenly voice of Loveholic. The songs in the album are most likely to stay in your playlist for a very long time. – credits to Izzie

Various Artists – Kim Hyung Suk with friends (April 13)
Lee Jung Vol. 3 – Rebirth of Regent (April 13)

Lee Jung, who made his name famous among the netizens, finally comes back with his 3rd album. He brings back his charismatic voice in his 12 new songs. While working as both an actor and a singer, it took him three years to get his album ready to be released. While working with foreign specialists, he learned lots in which he put in his new album. He was recognized for his song writing, with the song "One Breath." He worked with producer, Oh Hoon, to bring the best of their music. His album’s style is R&B with the European touch in his music. However, the album still varied in genre, including Hip Hop and Disco. – credits to Izzie

Defconn Vol. 3 – City Life (April 13)
Lee Ji Hyung Vol. 1 – Radio Dayz (April 13)
Sinawe Vol. 9 – Reason of Dead Bugs (April 14)
Tony An Vol. 2 – 유츄프라카치아 (New release date: April 14)

The anticipation for Tony An’s return was high, and he finally comes back with his 2nd album, "유추프라카치아" Tony An, left his personal love experiences in the song "유추프라카치아," in which the song is about one man who derives for love. This song was written by the top Swedish producers/group of Peter Zizzo, LMNT, Billy Crawford, and the two time Grammy winning producers, Emil Gottard and Magnus Funemyr. Another song titled "Remember… I Love You…," depicts one man’s grieve of his past relationship with a woman. The pop-balladic song has sad lyricals sung by Tony’s soft vocal. This song was produced by Mikael Andersson and, Johan Gunnarsson, who back in the JTL days, produced for the Backstreet Boys; and the sad lyricals were written by Kim TaeYoon. – credits to Izzie

Sources: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung