Lee Han Chul – Organic/Superstar (April 4)
Shinhwa – Tropical Summer Story Festival 2005 (DVD) (April 5)
Kim Bum Soo Vol. 5 – 5 (April 5)

The one with the voice no one can match, Kim BumSoo.
Known as the "Heaven’s Voice", or the "Voice from God," Kim BumSoo brings back the friendly voice that everyone has listened to. The R&B and ballad singer, leaves us his 5th, and his last album before he heads to the army. The Hanryu star who is also well-known in the U.S. and the most famous in Japan, leaves us his last album. Kim BumSoo says he struggled with time, to complete his 5th album, and he had to fight with his schedules to get his complete touches on the album. Unfortunately, it will be impossible to hear his magnificant voice live for another 2 to 3 years, and he leaves us his 5th album, "So Long…" credits to Izzie

SG Wannabe Vol. 3 – The 3rd Masterpiece (April 5)

Korea’s avant-garde R&B vocal formation consisting of David, Whyme, and Jin Ho whose 2nd album caused another soul heat wave in 2005 are back on their 3rd full-length CD and first 2006 release. It comes in a collector’s concept sleeve together with a special photo booklet. As for the music offered, the band invited high caliber talents including quality composer Ju Yung Soo and gifted lyricist An Yung Min for touching songs that combine unique instruments and tempo changes. For "Had loved" they received help from god member Danny for the rap part. This heartfelt ballad comes accompanied by a memorable sad melody. Another representative song on SG Wannabe’s latest ambitious work is "Cactus" that lets the trio’s inimitably beautiful voices shine with brand new glory! credits to YesAsia

Lee Yong Vol. 9 – Come Back (April 6)
Tony An Vol. 2 – 유츄프라카치아 (April 6)

The anticipation for Tony An’s return was high, and he finally comes back with his 2nd album, "유추프라카치아"
Tony An, left his personal love experiences in the song "유추프라카치아," in which the song is about one man who derives for love. This song was written by the top Swedish producers/group of Peter Zizzo, LMNT, Billy Crawford, and the two time Grammy winning producers, Emil Gottard and Magnus Funemyr. Another song titled "Remember… I Love You…," depicts one man’s grieve of his past relationship with a woman. The pop-balladic song has sad lyricals sung by Tony’s soft vocal. This song was produced by Mikael Andersson and, Johan Gunnarsson, who back in the JTL days, produced for the Backstreet Boys; and the sad lyricals were written by Kim TaeYoon. credits to Izzie

Maybee Vol. 1 – A Letter from Abell1689 (April 6)
Tbny Vol. 1 – Masquerade (April 6)

Sources: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung

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