BoA topped the Oricon daily single chart on Wednesday, the day of release of her 19th single album in Korea and Japan, beating out Japan’s idol star Cartoon.

The album contains two songs: “Tomorrow of Seven Colors – Brand New Beat,” a light dance piece with lyrics penned by BoA herself, and “Your Color,” an R&B song featuring her appealing and mature vocal style. With both tracks promoted as title songs, the album’s jacket features two different versions to match each song.

This is the third time that BoA has topped the Oricon single chart. Her previous two chart-topping singles are her ninth single “Shine We Are” and her 15th, “Do The Motion.”

“Tomorrow of Seven Colors – Brand New Beat” will be used in a commercial for the cosmetic brand Fasio, for which BoA works as a model, and “Your Color,” chosen as the theme song of the XBox game “Ninety Nine Nights.”

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/mcontents/entertainment/1390360_11692.html