The "King of Ballads" Shin Seung-hun will advance into China not as a singer but as a producer. Shin is to produce the second album of Chinese singer Liu Chia-Liang, who has been gaining increasing popularity by topping all mobile and online music charts since he made his debut in late 2004.

Liu has reportedly earned hundreds of thousands of dollars with the title song of his first album, "Who on Earth Do You Love?" He has not yet made his name known throughout the world, but his songs are very well-known in the world’s most populous country.

Liu will remake "Romeo and Juliet" from Shin’s third album in 1993 and "Fate" from his fifth album in 1996 for his own second album to be released in May. Particularly, he will sing "Fate" in a duet with Shin, and actually came to Korea for the first time to record the song. Shin and Liu recorded the song on Tuesday at Dorothy Music, Shin’s agency. Shin rearranged and produced the song to suit the taste of modern young people since it was first made some 10 years ago. This is the first time that Shin has ever produced records for other singers. Liu has already finished recording "Romeo and Juliet" in China.

Shin and Liu came to work together at the active request of Liu’s record company, Star Win (Xingwen) Culture Communication Company. Its president Liu Siqi, who has long expressed interest in Shin, asked him to work as a producer and sing together with Liu after watching Shin’s concert in Seoul last December.

Liu said that he had listened to all of Shin’s songs including "I believe," whose remake was sung by Chinese singer Sun Nan, so he is quite familiar with them. "I could not even sleep thinking that I would meet a greatest musician like Shin. I am very nervous and honored. I feel that this experience will be beneficial for my future as a musician since I am young and a new singer. And he is so kind that I could feel comfortable working with him," he said happily.

The two could hit it off easily because of their common characteristics. Both are singer-songwriters and both had experience singing at live clubs before making their respective debuts.

Shin said, "I listened to Liu’s first album before meeting him and thought he has a beautiful voice tone. I also think highly of his ability to write his own songs although he is young." He added that it was a meaningful experience because it provided an opportunity for a Korean singer and a Chinese singer to meet directly to work together.

Many members of the Chinese press also came to Korea to cover the recording. Among them were China’s biggest internet portal Sina.com, Enlight Media and Fujian TV. Fujian TV had an in-depth interview with Shin for its special program dedicated to him.

Liu will stay in Korea ofr a few more days to see the jacket of his album finished. For the jacket, actress Kang Eun-bi and Nathan Lee, a member of the boy group Take, will portray Romeo and Juliet. "

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/mcontents/entertainment/1391321_11692.html

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