Hallyu star Ji Jin-hee, who has won high popularity with fans in Japan and Chinese-speaking regions for his acting in the TV drama "A Jewel in the Palace," arrived in Thailand on Apr. 9.

Ji is visiting Thailand to promote the film "Perhaps Love" directed by Chen Kexin and produced by Applause Pictures.

"Perhaps Love," a masterpiece film by Chen, was chosen in Taiwan last year as the "Best Chinese-Speaking Film of 2005." In the film, Ji captivated the hearts of movie fans with his proficiency in Chinese and his singing and dancing ability, contributing to the film’s box-office success.

On his three-day stay in Thailand, Ji has been engaged in the promotion of "Perhaps Love" alongside Takeshi Kaneshiro, with whom he acted in the film together.

Meanwhile, Ji has finished filming a new movie, "Old Garden" directed by Lim Sang-soo, in which he acted alongside actress Yum Jung-ah.

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/scontents/entertainment/entertainmenth/1391197_11693.html