Singer Kang Ta proved himself to be a Korean star leading the Korean Wave currently sweeping the Asian region by appearing in the finale of a special concert in China. Organized by Chinese CCTV to celebrate Mother’s Day, the concert was held in Jiangsu Province on Saturday. Kang Ta performed his hit songs “Mask” in Chinese, “Paralysis,” and “23+ The Best.”

His agency SM Entertainment reported that most of the 6,000 audience members at the concert held white balloons, which showed that they were Kang Ta’s fans. “They screamed with wild enthusiasm as soon as Kang Ta appeared on the stage,” the agency added.

The fact that Kang Ta appeared on the finale stage along with top Chinese stars such as Leong Weng Kei and So Yu Peng showed just how popular he is in China.

The concert will air in the world’s most populous country on CCTV on May 7. The proceeds of the concert will be used to help Chinese women and mothers.

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/entertainment/news/1392253_11858.html