The male quartet "TAKE," which won popularity for its song "Tomb of Butterflies" last year, has advanced into the Chinese market by releasing an album there.

The album that was released on Apr. 15 features a total of 13 songs — 12 songs that had been released in Korea before, including "Tomb of Butterflies" and "Two Girls," and a Chinese-version of "Tomb of Butterflies."

The album was released by Starwin Culture Communication Co., a large album production agency in China which has also produced albums for singers Rain and Jang Woo-hyuk.

Nathan Lee, a member of TAKE, will pose as a model for the jacket of a new album of popular Chinese singer Liu Jialiang (25). Liu made the headlines when singer Shin Seung-hun became his producer.

An official from TAKE’s agency Sedona Media said, "Hong Kong female singer Guan Xinyan visited Korea last winter. After her fascination with TAKE’s music was reported by Chinese and Hong Kong media outlets, TAKE was made an offer by the Chinese album agency to produce their album."

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/entertainment/news/1392481_11858.html