Actor Ji Jin-hee has won popularity as a hallyu star in Thailand.

Ji has emerged as a hallyu star in Thailand when the film "Perhaps Love" directed by Chen Kexin, a Hong Kong film director, was released across Thailand on Apr. 20. In the movie, Ji plays "Cupid," who helps the lead characters get married.

Ji captivated the hearts of female Thai fans before by playing "Min Jung-ho," a lead character in the TV drama "A Jewel in the Palace" who protects the woman he loves until the last moment. "A Jewel in the Palace" was a smash hit in Thailand.

Ji received a warm welcome from Thai fans on Apr. 9 when he arrived in Thailand to promote "Perhaps Love." Ji has held several interviews with various local news outlets, including Thai TV’s "Channel 3." The female show host on "Channel 3" attracted attention when she led the talk show dressed in traditional Korean costume.

The Thai English daily Bangkok Post reported on Apr. 20 that Ji explained his role in "Perhaps Love" to Thai journalists in a charming and polite way.

According to The Bangkok Post, when asked if it was difficult for him to play his role in Chinese, Ji said, "I can sing Chinese songs as I have lived in Taiwan before. But it was very difficult to speak Chinese in the movie because I’m not very proficient at speaking the language."

Asked about his impression of "Perhaps Love," Ji said, "It‘s a very good film for an Asian movie. I like it very much." As for his role in the film, he said, "I like the role I played in it. I particularly like the dancing and music scenes best."

To the question whether he finds any striking difference between Korean and Chinese movies, Ji said, "Everything depends upon how you react to it with patience or not. In fact, there is no difference at all between the two countries’ movies."

The Thai English daily quoted Ji as saying, "I like all films produced in Asia and the West. My favorite movie is ‘What Dreams May Come’ as it allows me a chance to get lost in deep thought."

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/entertainment/news/1392800_11858.html

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