Buzz Vol. 3 – Perfect (April 25)

Stylish K-pop band Buzz consisting of Min Kyeong Hoon, Sun Seong Hye, Shin Joon Ki, Yoon Woo Hyeon, and Kim Ye Joon returns with its latest works on their third CD – Perfect this April. It the follow-up to their emotional second album BUZZ effect and comes loaded with the 5 members’ all-new selection of passionate rhythm ballads. Their latest principal song My darling (end) was composed by the much sought after talent Ku Seok Yeong that was also responsible for last album’s hit "Coward". Their song comes backed up by piano as well as string instrument sounds and revolves around a heartbreaking tale. Other recommendable tunes on the highly anticipated new CD of Buzz include My Love (and) as well as Reds go together among other promising works. Buzz will be busy with promo work from the end of April onwards and are scheduled to perform their works during extensive live tours from summer all the way to the up-coming winter season. – credits to YesAsia

Cool Age – Go Your Own Way (April 25)
Jun Young Rok – First Beginning Li (April 25)
Taeyoon’s Mom Vol. 1 – First Beginning (April 25)
Goong (MBC Drama) OST Vol. 2 (April 25)

Revolving around romantic dialogues with princess Shin Chae Kyung (Yoon Eun Hye) prince Lee Shin (Ju Ji Hoon) as central figures, Princess Hours presents probably one of the most passionate K-TV dramas ever. However fans are not only crazy about watching the series, but also seem to be addicted to its background music. For the first soundtrack album, gifted singer Howl that launched his debut CD Almost Transparent Blue in 2005 teamed-up with J for the principal track Perhaps Love. This time Howl is back on board to deliver the up-tempo duet "Falling in Love" (Track 1) with Roona. Other recommendations on Princess Hours red-hot 2nd soundtrack include SOREA’s fusion-style song Blow By Wind and I Would Sing This Song among other high potential tracks. – credits to YesAsia

Lee Soo Young – She’s Story (Music Video Collection) (April 25)

Monla – 꿈꾸는 아이 (April 26)
Gummy – Unplugged (April 27)

Gummy has come out with a new Unplugged album featuring unplugged versions of her songs!!!!
Gummy’s heartfelt sad love songs which are perfect for listening anytime are sung again in this Unplugged album. The 12 track cd includes songs from her past albums such as "A Loss Remembered", "No", "If you come back", and "Adult and Child". Gummy’s Unplugged album includes popular American artists such as the basist Nathan East from the band Fourplay bringing the sounds of guitar, keyboard, drum and R&B from the American scene. Despite having had 3 albums and the unique charisma her music is known for, she has decided to approach her songs in a new way for her Unplugged album. Her Unplugged album brings a sound similar to as if she was performing live right in front of you. Whenever you decide to play this Unplugged album, you will feel as if she is giving a concert right in front of you. – credits to ` k s

Tim Vol. 3 – 감성 (April 28) – this album has been postponed a few times and this is the newest release date

Everybody loved him for his first album and music lovers were also swept away by his second major work called Second Breath. Now TIM promises to keep the feeling high once more with exceptional performances, as his brand new CD finally becomes available. For his latest effort, TIM spent 1 year and 8 months preparation time and even got involved in the production work himself. He was ably supported by top composer Yoon Sang who helped him with the title song In Dreams ("The Dream of the Snowman") (Track 1). Also contributing to the beautiful sounds and R&B rhythms on TIM’s new album was a 20-member string orchestra as well as some of K-pop’s top artists including Hareem, Sam Lee, and Kang Soo Ho among others. Pleasing fans with his latest passionate feelings on overall 16 tunes, TIM is In Dreams! – credits to YesAsia

All Black – Chapter 1 (April 28)

Source: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung

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