Our featured artist this week is the male R&B duo Vibe. I am very excited to have Vibe as the featured artist. Their debut song "미워도 다시 한번" was one of my all-time favorite k-pop song. They started out as a trio, but now only have 2 members as their rapper Yoo Sung Gyu left after the last album. But with the help of veteran female singer Jang Hye Jin (who happened to be our featured artist last week), Vibe came back strong for their current (3rd) album. The song "그남자 그여자" (That Man, That Woman) has become a big hit without even performing on any gayo shows. Let’s find out more about them. Many thanks to our member ` k s who is very familar with Vibe and contributes to a lot of the information below:


Name: 류재현 (Ryu Jae Hyun)
Position: Vocals, Producer(SGWannabe’s SalDahGah, SongSeungHun’s Even After 10 Years, Big4’s Gone With The Wind and more), Songwriter
DOB: 3-14-1980
Height: 167cm
Weight: 62kg

Name: 윤민수 (Yoon Min Soo)
Position: Lead Vocals
DOB: 2-27-1980

Name: 유성규 (Yoo Sung Gyu) (He left the group in 2004 to pursue a solo career)
Position: Rapper
DOB: 4-18-1980


Vibe means a vibration felt by the heart. They debuted in February of 2002 with the single "미워도 다시 한번" (Once Again Although It’s Heartbreaking) which became very popular for almost half a year and had another hit single "Promise U", which is recently re-made by See Ya`.

In 2003, Vibe came out with their 2nd album "Remember" with the hit single "오래 오래 (Long Long Time)" and "사진을 보다가 (When I look at the picture)". A year later, their rapper, Yoo Sung Gyu, left to pursue a solo career that better fit his more Hip-hop music taste. Many thought that perhaps this would be the end of VIBE.

In 2006, after a hiatus of more than 2 years, Vibe comes out with their 3rd album as a duo. Female vocalist Jang Hye-jin was featured on the title song of Vibe’s 3rd album "그남자 그여자" (That Man, That Woman). Without even promotional appearances on television or radio shows, the new song by Vibe has topped various online music charts. Their album has also sold over 40,000 copies and is still consistently among the best sellers every week even after almost 2 months of release. That is a very good accomplishment considered the declining album sales generally in k-pop now.

Vibe don’t show up on gayo shows now and their only public appearance is their concerts. They want to focus completely on their music and want to be known for their music. They’ll be having two concerts next month.. one by themselves and one with Big Mama, SG Wannabe, and Lee Soo Young as well as being accompanied by a philharmonic orchestra…

Ryu Jae Hyun does pretty much all the composing/writing/producing of their songs and is a well-known producer among the music industry. He’s been really busy because he gets alot of requests to produce songs for people.

A "trademark" with Vibe’s songs… they always seem to have repetition.. their first hit from their 1st album had a chorus that went "bye bye bye / why why why / lie lie lie" … their 2nd hit went "Oh Reh Oh Reh Oh Reh Oh Reh .. etc".. with That Man That Woman.. both verses are the exact same except the gender is switched… Even when Ryu Jae Hyun produced SG Wannabe’s "SalDaGa" it went "saldaga saldaga saldaga" in the lyrics.

Vibe is really good friends with SG Wannabe and do lots of activities together as well as Ryu Jae Hyun producing some songs for them like their hit "Saldaga" and he also re-produced "Neh Gah Nuh Reul" (which was a song from Vibe’s 2nd album) for SG’s 3rd album (track 8).. SG Wannabe sang Vibe’s "Sahjin Ul Bohdagah" on Music Wave recently which was the first time they sang someone else’s song.

Ryu Jae Hyun won a Best Producer award for SalDaGa last year at SBS music awards ceremony.

They’ll be coming out with their 4th album probably late this year since Ryu Jae Hyun will be going to the army early next year.


VIBE 1집 Afterglow 2/2002 Album Sales: 70,000~ Hits: 미워도 다시 한번, Promise U
VIBE 2집 Remember 11/2003 Album Sales: 130,000~ Hits: 오래 오래, 사진을 보다가
VIBE 3집 Re-feel 2/2006 Album Sales: 43,000 (up to March 31) Hit: 그남자 그여자

credits to ` k s