Korean singer Wax’s first single album released in Japan on April 12 ranked sixth, with 74.9 points, in a weekly survey by culture and arts magazine “Weekly PIA,” which asked 100 reader monitors to evaluate albums released for the week. The magazine is published by the Japanese media group PIA, and this survey was for single albums released between April 6 and 12. Nesmith’s “Tsuishin” received the highest score with 79.3 points.

Wax will start her career as a singer in Japan in earnest by holding her first live concert in Tokyo on May 24 on the occasion of the release of her debut album “Akai Ito” (Red Thread) there. She plans to release her first feature album “WAX” in May.

Wax is drawing attention because she decided to start from scratch in Japan. She made her debut there not as a top K-pop singer but as a new J-pop singer. It is expected that many fans will attend her live concert, where she will directly show her abilities for the first time. Wax has made careful preparations for her debut in Japan since last year by studying Japanese while recording the album.

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/mcontents/entertainment/1393902_11692.html