New to K-pop, or just want something new to listen to? Here are some recommendations from our staff members.
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Newer Albums
SG Wannabe Vol. 3 – The Third Masterpiece
+ They are an amazingly talented trio. With their talent, they produce and give you only the best R&B/ballad music! I think that each and every single one of their songs are beautiful and sung with great emotion and powerful voices. (I also recommend their older albums: 2, & a remake album called Classic Odyssey) [starlette*]
See Ya Vol. 1 – Scent of a Woman
+ The SG Wannabe female version! I think they are no doubt one of the best female trio/group there is in the K-pop industry! Their talent and voices are no differnt from SG Wannabe except for the fact that they’re female voices. For a debut album, it is wonderfully done and put together. I think they have full potential to make it big. [starlette*]
Lim Jeong Hee Vol. 2
We all know how good a singer she is. This album has all you want to hear – from ballads to up-tempo songs. The album also features other artists like K. Will, Joo Suc, Tablo, and Windy City, etc. All songs are very pleasent to hear. [edward1849]

Less Newer Albums:
Gummy Vol. 3 – For the Bloom
+ Gummy, her talent, and her music are unbeatable! I love her title track in this album, it just blows me away every time. Her voice produces the best mix of R&B and ballad songs! [starlette*]
Vibe Vol. 2 – Remember
+ I don’t think many people know about Vibe, but they are too good to pass by. They have great songs, great voices, and together, they make great music. [starlette*]
Park Hyo Shin Vol. 2 – Second Story
+ Park Hyo Shin has one of the best male voices in the K-pop industry, it’s deep and so beautiful. His ballads are so, so pretty and beautifuly sung. I think his second album is one of his better albums because each song is so amazing! [starlette*]
M To M Vol. 2 – Antique Voice
+ M To M’s talent stand not too far from SG Wannabe’s. I love this album because the songs are amazing. (2 members of SG Wannabe are in this trio) [starlette*]
izi Vol. 1 – modern life… and… with izi…
+ This is one chill alt-rock-ish album I just can’t get enough of. The lead singer has the perfect soulful rock voice, and the songs are all well produced & executed. It’s a constant on my playlist. [soomp]
ClaZziQuai vol.1 – Instant Pig
+ This trio is just freakin’ cool. Such a variety of very musical songs, from straight up dance tracks to bossa-nova to wistful ballads. I was first introduced to them from the My Name is Kim Sam Soon soundtrack, which featured 2 songs from their 2nd album. I just did some research on them, and it turns out that the 2 guys are Korean-Canadians, how about that! The girl’s voice is tre-cool as well. ‘Classic + Jazz + Groove = ClaZziQuai’. Definitely worth checking out! [soomp]
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