WASHINGTON, April 30 (Yonhap) — A South Korean singer-dancer, a teenage golfer and a medical doctor have been named to Time magazine’s list of the 100 people who shape today’s world.

The weekly’s May 8 edition put "Rain," a pop artist who can sell out concert tickets in 10 minutes in Hong Kong, on the list along with Kim Jim Yong, chief of social medicine at Harvard Medical School, and Michelle Wie, the 16-year-old golfer who is already ranked No. 2 among women.

"Thanks to his angelic face, killer bod and Justin Timber-like dance moves, Rain, 23, has ridden the crest of Hallyu, or the Korean wave, the Asia-wide obsession for that country’s pop culture," the magazine said of the entertainer.

Rain recently debuted in the U.S. and will release an English-language album this fall.

"Yet even if Rain, whose style virtually clones American pop, fails to make it in the U.S., the trend he represents is here to stay," the magazine said.

Dr. Kim, who also is head of social medicine at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital, is trying to "solve some of the world’s most difficult problems," Time said.

Ten years ago, while working in the slums of Lima, Peru, he and his team encountered an epidemic of drug-resistant tuberculosis.

"Experts had long agreed that it was impossible to treat this disease in such a setting," it said, "Kim and his colleagues proved the experts wrong."
Kim not only treated the epidemic but led a campaign to force down the prices of necessary drugs about 90 percent.

"Since then, 36 countries have adopted the protocols Kim and his colleagues devised," the magazine noted.

Michelle Wie, a high schooler in Hawaii, earns about US$10 million a year from endorsing the likes of Nike and Sony.

"Wie is driving her way straight through golf’s formidable gender barriers. She refuses to limit herself to ladies’ events and intends to be the first woman to play the Masters," the magazine said.

"She has the talent: her game has both power and finesses, and her tenacity is Tiger-like," it said.


Source: http://english.yna.co.kr/Engnews/20060501/670000000020060501081101E0.html