Our featured artist of the week is the multi-talented female artist Lim Jung Hee. She is still fairly new, just debuted last year. But she’s already being regarded as one of the most talented female singers in kpop. At the age of 24 when she debuted, that was considered an old age these days in the k-pop world to launch a career. That was because she was under JYP’s training for 5 years prior to her debut. JYP also produces for G.O.D., Bi, Byul, and formerly Park Ji Yoon – everyone of his pupil turned into a star. That is why Lim Jung Hee is almost flawless even when she debuted. This girl can do it all, from up-tempo songs to ballads. That’s a rare breed in kpop these days. Let’s find out more about her:

Date of birth : May 17th, 1981
Place of birth : Seoul, Korea
Religion : Christianity
Education : Department of Pop Music, Seoul Arts College
Favorite musicians : Stevie Wonder, Angie Stone, Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill


Lim Jung Hee grew up in a musical environment in which her father was an ardent fan of pop music and a collector of countless music LPs. She was educated with classical music in her childhood starting with learning to play the piano. However, as she grew up, she gained more interest in pop music rather than classical music. In high school, Lim participated in a song contest for teens held by the Seoul City and one the grand prize. The experience of competing in the song contest and winning the top prize naturally led Lim to enter college to study popular music. Although she is with the same management agency with some of the biggest Korea pop stars like Rain and G.O.D., Lim is more famous in the street music scene than on TV or radio shows. Even before she made an official debut in the local music industry, Lim has held countless street performances on her own and that led to the creation of her fan clubs. Recently, Lim finally released an official album entitled “Music is My Life.” Through street performances, Lim said that she has learned a lot about music and increased her love and passion towards music. Lim says that she will continue to hold street performance not only in Seoul but also all around the country.


Music Is My Life (2005 1st album): Music Is My Life, Talk to Me, When You Need a Friend, In the End of Hope, Happy People, My First Love, Hand of a Clock
Thanks (2006 2nd album): Love, Don’t Leave, Fate (featuring K. Will), Street Voice (featuring Joo Suc)

Credits to KBS World and myself

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