4/27/06 – Suh Ji Hye (서지혜, 22) and Kim Ok Bin (김옥빈, 20) will costar in the Wednesday-Thursday drama “Dance Battle (댄스 배틀)” scheduled to be aired by MBC in the summer.

In the drama, they play rivals. KOB plays a successful and glamorous dance singer while SJH plays a modest and calm woman. Their roles have similar dreams and loves, and they challenge each other. The filming is scheduled in June after the lead actor is finalized. SJH and KOB once collaborated in the movie “High School Ghost Story 4 – Voice (여고괴담4-목소리)”. SJH’s current drama is “Shindon” in which she plays Princess of the State of Noh (노국공주). KOB’s latest drama was “How are You, God”.