2006, May 12

Singer Lee Hyo-ri will give a solo concert at the Fencing Arena in Olympic Park, Seoul, on June 22-23. The concert will be financed by the Kosdaq-listed firm Aimhigh Global.

The singer plans to display all her charms as a singer at the solo concert, her first since she debuted as a member of the group “Fin.K.L” eight years ago.

Lee aims to use the event as an opportunity to dispel her image as a "dancer/singer" and be perceived as a bonafide singer. She will present powerful dancing and live singing at the same time in order to eliminate the prejudice against dancer/singers who are often thought to be poor at singing live.

For the concert, Lee is preparing an extraordinary show to satisfy her fans who expect a sexy performance from her.

Lee will release a single album in September.

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/mcontents/entertainment/1396207_11692.html