Our featured artist of the week is Bada. She is the formerly leader of SES, one of the most successful female groups in k-pop history. Since the breakup of SES in 2002, Bada has successfully launched a solo career and she has released 3 albums so far. The disbanding of SES is a sad news to all fans. But on the bright side, Bada has a chance to explore into different kinds of music and also utilize her strong vocal. Not too many k-pop female artists are as mutli-dimensional as Bada – she can do both dance songs and ballads equally well. Notice that in all her 3 albums she released both a dance beat song and a ballad as single. Let’s find out more about her:


Name: Bada – 바다
Real Name: Choi Sung Hee (최성히)
Physique: 164cm, 47kg
Nickname: Tomato
Date of Birth: 1980.02.28
Place of Birth: Bucheon in Gyeonggi Province
Blood type: AB
Education: Dankuk University – Theater & Film Major
Favorite Movie Stars: Audrey Hepburn, Charlie Chaplin
Hobbies: Writing, Writing poetry
Measurements: 164cm/47kg
Religion: Catholic
Motto: Be Happy
Favorite song: Lee Eun Mi’s – "A Yearning"
Favorite Movie: Cinema Paradiso
Likes: Keanu Reeves

From the lead vocal of the female trio S.E.S., Bada has successfully transformed into a solo singer. With a powerful voice rare to singers who perform in teams, Bada is actively and successfully performing in the pop music scene all by herself. Born in 1980, Bada showed her talent in singing from a very young age. Having entered a high school for arts in Anyang, Bada majored in Korean traditional vocal music which later became a foundation for her singing career. Bada first made her debut in the Korean entertainment world as a member of the female trio S.E.S. in 1998. As the eldest member and the leading vocalist, Bada’s singing talent was highly evaluated. She played an important role as the leader of the trio not only in domestic stages but also in Japan, opening an era for Korean pop musicians to enter overseas markets. In 2002 when S.E.S. disbanded, Bada started to prepare for a solo debut. She maintained the musical style of S.E.S. while adding some elements to make her music sound more complete. For her solo debut album “A Day of Renew” released in 2003, Bada participated in the making of the album as a co-producer and also wrote the lyrics of some songs. Bada’s musical style is not limited to certain areas but it encompasses various beats like dance, funky and house. Bada is considered as a very successful case of transforming into a solo singer from a member of a team. Recently just before the release of her 3rd solo album, Bada also started up a fashion business.

A Day of Renew (1st solo album, 2003) : A Day of Renew, Somehow Somewhere, Music, One Day, Zero – Love in Vain, Dream Maker
Bada (2nd album, 2004) : Aurora, Happy Face, Eyes, Go By, Good Luck, Thank You, Sweet Potato, Dreaming, Higher, Blue Juice, Little Boy
Made in Sea (3rd album, 2006) : Find the Way, Diary, VIP, Destiny, Forever Love, One Step Slower, Beyond, Place of Sun, Like a Shining Star, Here I Am Waiting
Made in Sea Repackage (3rd album repackage, 2006)

Credits: KBS World, Bada official thread in soompi