Lee An Vol. 2 – Call It Love (May 15)
A.sia Vol. 1 – Babycat (May 15)
Kim Hyun Chul: Kid’s Pop Vol. 2 – When I Grow Up (May 16)
Choi Min Soo Vol. 1 – The men’s story (May 17)
Kim Hyun Jung Vol. 8 – 2006 Dance With Hyun Jung (May 17)

01. Reverse
02. Do it better
03. Be Strong Hyun-Jung (Title song)
04. That woman (nana ver.)
05. Imagine it
06. Spy on kissing
07. Learn about separation
08. Querulous
09. Love of 7 years
10. Nail
11. Only You
12. Secularity
13. Truth and Technique
14. That woman (folk ver.)
15. Do it better (underground mix ver.)
Kim Hyun-Jung has made a comeback with her 8th album that is filled with summer dance songs, ten remix tracks and five tracks off of her dance remix album that was released last year: ([Love of 7 years, Only you, Secularity]/[Nail-from 6th album]/[Truth and Technique-from 1st album]). Kim Hyun-Jung dedicates her title song called ‘Be Strong Hyun-Jung’, which only she can digest to sing, to all the women out there. To gain her fans attention, the poster for her title song is posted everywhere in Korea and has become a hot issue. To make the album active, her album is filled with the most popular melodies and dances that only Kim Hyun-Jung can show to her fans. The last two tracks in her album are tracks that are arranged / transcribed into a different version to give her fans more enjoyment. – Credits to purpletiger86

Blue315 – Autumn in 29 Part I (May 18)
Lisa Vol. 2 – Mind Blowing (May 18)
Kangta & Vanness – Scandal (May 19)

02. 127 Days
03. Good Vibration
04. One Day
05. Step By Step
06. SCANDAL (English Version)
Asia’s best group, Kangta & Vanness’s (F4) first single album will finally be releasing in Korea. The title song “SCANDAL” was composed so that it fit’s the music trend nowadays (globally), ‘Crunk & B’ style. This song is made up with great dance performances/coregraphy, Kangta’s powerful vocal and Vanness’s smooth rap. They are a wonderful match. There is also a sweet/melodized ballad song called ‘127 days’. This album is filled up with Kangta and Vanness’s colorful light sculpture like songs. An album that is highly being anticipated. – Credits to purpletiger86

Source: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung

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