2006, May 15

Korean actor and singer Ryu Si-won has vowed to his Japanese fans that he will not date even one woman in order to succeed as a singer in Japan.

“If I find a woman I like, I would like to marry now, but I haven’t found such a woman yet,” Ryu said at his mini concert in Tokyo on Friday, where some 1,500 fans gathered to see him. “I will try not to date a woman for one or two years because I want to focus on performances in Japan.” He added that he wants to devote himself to working in Japan and bettering himself.

All major Japanese sports newspapers reported on Ryu’s concert and his remarks in detail.

The mini concert was held to celebrate the release of his second album “Asian Blow” last month in Japan. He will tour Japan from June 13, giving 13 concerts in seven cities including Hukuoka, Osaka, Hiroshima, and Sendai. The last concerts will be held at the Budokan Stadium in Tokyo on July 12. He had originally planned to give two concerts in Tokyo, but increased the number to three due to insistent requests from fans.

Ryu’s second album made it to the second place of the Oricon Chart, being particularly popular among Japanese women. He released his first album “Promise” in Japan in December 2004.

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/entertainment/news/1396740_11858.html